V Rally 4 Review PS4

As always first thing I would like to do is give a quick thanks to Maximum Games for the review copy of the game. It is always nice to work with them and be given the chance to try their games out.


V Rally 4 is obviously a rally racing game, in case the cars and title were not a very good hint. The game is developed by Kylotonn and published by Bigbenn interactive. The game however is a bit more than a standard racing game, it is actually almost like a racing simulator. We will get more into that later.

First and foremost, the game is beautiful. I love driving around and just enjoying the views or watching the water fly up as I hit the water while speeding around the track. The dirt kicking up and sticking to the car is a sight to see. My only real complaint is simply a personal complaint is I would have liked a little more detail to the car when I damage it. This is honestly just a personal preference, the damage that shows does look good, I just would like a little more variety to it.

The sound, this is great to me. The engines sound fierce and fast, the skidding sounds dangerous its just very well done. There isn’t a lot for me to say with the sound, it’s there, it does its job, and I have no issues with it, just superbly done.

The race types are also nice, obviously you have your V-Rally mode which is simply a career mode, and this is really the first mode you should play. This has a short tutorial mode to get you started. It will show you about controlling your car and how some of the race types actually work. After V-Rally we have quick race where you can, as stated, quickly access all the race types and tracks the game has to offer. There are 5 different types to choose from my favorite being Extreame-Khana which is basically a race set on what is almost an obstacle course with jumps and such.

No game however is perfect and V-Rally is no exception. While the game has no major bugs or glitches during my time this is a racing game for racing fans and most notably for rally fans. If you are looking for a more arcade experience with flipping cars or cars that are unrealistically easy to control, this is not the game for you. I often found myself struggling to do things simply because of this. I am not a racing fan, and the ones I have been good at are that less realistic type or the NASCAR games where you simply drive as fast as you can. This strategy will not work here. You need to know how these cars handle and the best time to drive fast, when to slow down and the proper way to take turns. You will also need to listen to your co-pilot on rally tracks or you will end up losing precious time.

I should also point out that this game has something most games don’t have, split screen co-op. It is a lot of fun and functions great, me and @torstenvblog spent some time with that and had a blast. He also played the career mode a bit, he cost me more money in repairs than we made finishing the races.

Now for the reason you are all here, a score and a recommendation. Well for a recommendation, absolutely. Fans of this type of racing should not hesitate. The game is beautiful, the game has no glitches or glaring flaws. It isn’t overflowing with tracks but it has enough to keep you going and interested. That being said, the casual race fans will want to wait for a sale and people looking to get into race games will want to rent this because it is made for the more hardcore fans of the genre. I will happily give this game an 8.5/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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