Supernatural Season 12

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Supernatural season 12. What the hell are you doing to me guys? This season focuses around the guys trying to stop the birth of Lucifer’s son and dealing with the British chapter of The Men of Letters. See at first aside from a minor incident of torture they are quite helpful, until they go back to not being helpful.

This season is pretty great, except for the ending. Don’t get me wrong the end of season 12 is great, but be prepared to be pretty damn upset. I won’t spoil it for you but the series in a way is going to go through a pretty massive shake up.

Aside from that we once again get a pretty definitive ending to one arc that will bring us firmly into the next story in season 13. Tho this time we had a pretty major story that brought us into another pretty major story. My only real complain is if you remember waaaaay back into the apocalypse seasons where Lucifer was this big dangerous evil being, they seem less worried about him now. Not that he isn’t still powerful and invincible, but the rush before of stopping him seems to be gone. In fact the entire act of figuring out a plan and stopping him is largely just the last episode or 2 of the season. After 12 seasons I am still enjoying the show, and I don’t see season 13 changing that. But there are some things you have to look past. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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