The Forest (PS4)

The Forest is a survival horror game much like many others. It is also sort of like the TV show Lost. You crash on an island with weird stuff going on and you have to survive. The twist here is the cannibals running around that steal you son right after you crash.

Your mission here is to survive on the island, unravel its mysteries and find your son. Sounds easy right? Well, a lot of things sound easy. But can you find food and water while building a shelter all while avoiding people that want to eat you?

The cannibals are smart, they will watch you and occasionally strike but not always right away. Sometimes they will circle around and try to catch you when they think you have left. They also will many times retreat as opposed to dying and will even come back with friends or simply not attack at all if they don’t have superior numbers.

The cannibals aren’t the only enemy, the weather also plays a part. The rain will soak your clothes and getting cold is also an issue. I won’t cover all the dangers, as some of that I will leave as a surprise for those playing the game. As a huge fan of 7 Days to Die Revisted I have to say this game is probably better. At the very least graphically it is, tho it is not perfect. It does have the occasional frame drop and rendering does take a second on occasion in heavily populated areas but none of this is too bad, tho admittedly the game is pretty dark even if you pump the brightness up. Regardless, the game is well worth the $20. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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3 thoughts on “The Forest (PS4)”

    1. I don’t consider myself easily scared, i love horror movies and my friends refuse to go into haunted houses with me because I am a “kill joy” and don’t freak out like they do. Honestly this game has freaked me out a few times.

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