Breath of Fire 3: Under Rated Classic

Breath of Fire 3 was the first Breath of Fire on the original PlayStation. It is the classic turned based JRPG that like every Breath of Fire tells the story of Ryu and the dragon clan. The characters are well written, the transformations were amazing and for their time were quite original. The battle system also lets you examine enemies during your turn and certain moves could be learned this way if they used them.

The game is loved by many but it surprises me how many people actually prefer Breath of Fire 4, a game I feel is far inferior in both story and battle system. From the very start of 3, your attention is drawn into the young dragon that becomes a young boy that is found by other orphans Rhi and Teepo.  Later after they get into trouble you struggle to find them and end up with a princess and guardian. The story explodes from there but always the quest to find your friends Rhi and Teepo continues. Breath of Fire 4 never really had that for me. At no point was I truly attached to the characters or really cared what was happening to the world like I did 3.

For me, Breath of Fire 3 is one of the greatest games of all time, yet for some reason, people I know continue to look at 4 as the better game and I don’t understand it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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