Child’s Play 3

childs play 3

One thing I have to say I love about horror sequels, many come to a strange point where they make you ask WTF? Maybe it’s Jason X or Leprechaun in the Hood or I don’t know, Chucky the killer doll at a military school- that kind of WTF?

So 8 years after Chucky was destroyed, the Good Guy plant reopens and while disposing of Chucky’s corpse, some blood gets into the molten plastic and I guess we get a new Chucky who kills the company CEO and goes back to tracking Andy down again. Andy is 16 now and enrolled in Kent Military Academy after years of failed foster homes. Chucky mails himself to the school only to be found by a junior cadet named Tyler who swears Chucky is his friend. It’s up to Andy to stop Chucky once and for all…

Child’s Play 3 isn’t bad but its just not that memorable. There’s not any real gory moments and Chucky is mostly funny in this. The dude that plays Andy is pretty decent and I like that his story is basically him trying to stop the past from repeating itself. The supporting characters are kinda bland and I have to say Chucky looks kind of like Trump in this movie which is weird. Child’s Play 3 is meh, you can take it or leave it and be ok either way. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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