Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PS4)

As always with these things, I like to be upfront and say a huge thank you to the people over at Bandai Namco for the review copy of this fine game. It is always a huge honor to be chosen, and this one meant a lot more than normal to me since I loved this game on the Xbox 360 and I was dying to see how the Definitive Edition was.

The story is pretty much standard JRP fanfare, you start playing as Yuri, right after the town water system controlled by a blastia goes haywire. Blastia controls certain objects of the world and help humanity in various ways. This will lead you to chase down a thief and into the castle. You will meet a woman, Estelle. She will want your help escaping the castle and warning a knight and your childhood friend, Flynn, that he is in danger.

The story goes off from here and eventually leads in a different direction but admittedly I do not want to spoil what is, in my opinion, one of the best stories of its original release era. It stands up pretty solid in 2019 as well to be honest.

As a remaster the game looks and sounds great, but it does have a couple issues. For starters, Yuri is voiced by two different people. Neither voice actor is bad but is extremely distracting and even odd to suddenly be listening to Yuri with a different voice than have it pop back. Also, there was this.

As you can see both voice bubbles are coming from Yuri, tho one of them is Karol speaking. Again, this isn’t a major mistake but it was a bit odd to see and seemed a bit careless to have not fixed. Another issue is the DLC you can get with it essentially breaks the game. It gives you access to high-level gear and items from the very beginning and gives you about 40 levels for all your characters allowing you to just walk through the game. So unless you are having a really hard time or just want to see the story I really encourage you not to use it.

None of that, however, is a deal breaker. The voice thing is annoying but tolerable and without the items, the combat is challenging and rewarding when it needs to be but fair. The artes system functions well and each new move feels like its own reward. All in all, I agree with the other reviews I have seen. This game is a solid title worth your purchase, which I will post amazon links for at the bottom. 8/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Xbox One



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