Trials Rising Open Beta (PS4)

I have an odd history with the Trials games. I never played them, and never cared to play them. Sometime last year Trails fusion was given out for free on PSN so I figured hell, let’s give it a shot. The truth is I enjoyed it, loved it at times and hated it at others. The constant decisions of do I floor it and go full speed ahead or do I ease up and go slow and steady? Is this the time to front flip or backflip or not flip at all? It was a thrill I wasn’t expecting, so when Trials Rising was announced I was pretty interested.

After spending a few hours with the open beta I have to say the magic is still there, and the addition of the tandem bikes is an interesting one, I personally don’t enjoy it but I can see how many will. The issue is for me that it is still just a Trials game. If you played one you pretty much played the other. Did you like Trials Fusion, you will probably like this one and if you hated the other this probably won’t change it. Also yes there does seem to be cosmetic loot boxes tho you get them whenever you level up anyway. The full release tho is on my buy list. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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  1. I have never played a Trials game but I have always been interested in the series. I enjoy watching people play it on YouTube. Also, Trials Fusion had a pretty kick-ass theme song! Maybe one day I will play Trials Rising.

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