Finally, Borderlands $@!&’in 3

I think the title says it all, PAX East saw the reveal trailer for Borderlands 3, and I am excited. We saw some bad guys, Tiny Tina less tiny, found out there will be over a billion guns (Yes with a B) and at least one will have legs. Don’t believe me, watch the trailer below and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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7 thoughts on “Finally, Borderlands $@!&’in 3”

      1. I guess. We have more traditional loot shooters like Destiny 2 and The Division 2 that kinda changed the model that Borderlands had making it more of a games as a service. I’m just curious if it sticks to what it was known for or change it’s ways. Or I’m just reading to much into things and these are totally different games.

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      2. Not really, i mean they are all essentially loot based shooters at their core. I just think they realise tjat fans of Borderlands are expecting a certain experience and won’t go messing with that too much and risk alienating those people that have been there since the first game. I am sure there will be a few surprises, but nothing that will change the fundamentals of the series.

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