Pixel Starships (Mobile)

Pixel Starships is a mobile game from Savy Soda. The concept is pretty simple, you command a ship that you slowly build up over time to beat bigger and bigger ships. The graphics are pretty nice pixel graphics as the name implies and the sound is pretty nice.

My only real issue is that its a bit hard to control. You have to slide power bars to weapons or shields depending on what you want to do and it just doesn’t always want to go and it can be a bit frustrating and once or twice it did get me killed. If you enjoy this type of game tho it isn’t a deal breaker. There is also a story but honestly, it is pretty forgettable, I stopped caring like 20 minutes in. All in all, it isn’t a nad mobile game to kill some time with, just don’t go in expecting a ton. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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