Frostpunk (PS4)

So I picked this bad boy up because I heard rumors that this game wasn’t easy. Your goal is to build up a new city during a sudden ice age. One of the last new cities to be exact. As your group sets off from London you will find yourselves next to a new heat source that you will build the city around as you mine resources such as coal to keep the fires going, wood to keep the buildings rising.

This isn’t the only challenge tho, you will also need to pass new laws, some of which will raise hope, others will raise discontent, some will be necessary, however. Will you let the kids work so you have extra production or do without resources and let the kids learn how to be better medics and researchers later? Make people work 12 hour days or 14? toss a little sawdust in the food to make it last longer or eat soup despite it upsetting people but have a bit more food, or give them real meals and risk running low on rations later.

All these decisions equal a hell of a fun time, and we haven’t even touched the research portion where each decision can be life or death. One game I ran out of wood and never researched a way to get more. Yes, that was stupid I know. The game, however, is as challenging as it is made out to be, and I love every minute of it. Definitely worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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