Sinister 2

sinister 2

Sinister was one of the very first reviews I ever wrote for this blog and honestly, it was one of my favorite horror movies of this decade. It had good characters and a interesting plot and disturbing silent home movies that actually gave me nightmares the day I saw them. Well, of course, it was going to get a sequel and of course it wasn’t really needed…

Courtney is a mom on the run to rural nowhere with her two young sons Zach and Dylan from there abusive father Clint. Courtney is terrified of her own shadow, Dylan is a nervous wreck, and Zach is aggressive and hungry for the power his father’s terror holds. The boys have made new friends though with the ghost children who took a liking to Dylan, showing him Bughuul’s home movies. The ex deputy from the first is on there tail though, but can he stop history from repeating itself?

I’m afraid to say this is a really inferior sequel to the first in almost every way. While the home movies are creepy, they are now accompanied by stock horror score which seriously cuts there impact down. There are plenty of jump scares now and we get way more Bughuul, who comes off like Slipknot- Slender Man instead of the menacing figure he once was. The ex deputy was the only character who frankly didn’t piss me off and there were some times I ended up laughing at the moments of overacting. The story is pretty bland and predictable with a ending that is just cheesy. I can’t say there isn’t anything worth seeing from this movie that you can’t see on YouTube in less than 5 minutes. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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