Day 25, Father Gascoigne


On day 25, we remember that no man, no matter his purity of heart or the righteousness of his deeds, is safe from the darkness completely. Only the strongest may repeal its nature, while the majority fall victim to it’s embrace. Gascoigne was once one of the most loyal and fierce hunters in all of Yharnam and was blessed to have a loving wife and daughter. Gascoigne is a tragic beast who gave in to the power of the blood and became what he fought to destroy. What stuck out about the first true boss of Bloodbourne is his tragic tale and unassuming figure. Make no mistake, he’s extremely strong and he will wreck your ass, even if he is temporarily disarmed by the music box from his little girl, which calls back the man he once was. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: torstenvblog

Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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