The Descent

the descent

I see a ton of trailers just to report about them here and I’ve seen a billion in my lifetime. The Descent was a rare case. In a era of gore-porn in horror I thought suspense was pretty much gone and while I loved the trailer, I assumed this was going to be another mindless bloodbath. I was insanely wrong…

Sarah and her gal pals are adventurous thrill seekers who love pushing there limits. After tragedy strikes, Sarah is left broken inside after losing everything. A year later, her friend Juno reunites the women for a all girls weekend and a new adventure: exploring what they are led to believe is a routine cavern dive. At first all is well and they are treated to wondrous sights and thrills they’d been hoping for. It quickly becomes a nightmare when a tight tunnel caves in and the truth comes out, they were never in a explored area. As the ladies struggle to find a way in, fear settles in and the group begins turning on each other, but little do they know they are far from alone down there…

In no way is this a perfect movie but damn I love it. The movie is excellent at mounting tension and carries suspense all the way through. I have to credit the filmmakers because the use of darkness and various lighting is extremely well done and at times adds to the freaky atmosphere with a good score. The actresses have really good chemistry and it’s easy to care about them and believe they were longtime friends. I love that the plot has layers to it, not sticking to a creature feature or a survival moment and there is a nice ribbon of revenge in it.  The Crawlers are creepy and I appreciate a B movie concept pushed to a scary level of these inhuman freaks. As I said though, this movie is far from perfect however. There are some stupid jump scares thrown in with some genuinely good scares and I found most  of the jump scares annoying. With a lot of the fast editing and dark backgrounds, some action scenes are frankly a cluster fuck to watch. The opening 10 minutes feel awkward and admittedly, I know this movie has 3 ending and I’ve seen 2 and thought both were pretty lame.  Despite a weak start and weak finish, The Descent is a damn good horror movie that still keeps me on edge that I highly recommend. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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