Crossroads Inn Fantasy Tavern Simulator Nintendo Switch Review

As always a huge shout out to the people at Klabater for sending me a copy of this one to check out. I always appreciate it.

As you can see from the trailer above,unlike many simulation games this one has a very legitimate story. This will follow you through the entire campaign not just the tutorial as well and that was a nice change of pace. Watching your character go from just some nitwit learning the ropes from your uncle to who you inevitably become was nice.

Designing your own inn is also very well done. Put tables where you want, build store rooms bedrooms even secret rooms that only trusted friends and customers can enter. The detail on this is amazing as well because if you place candles you will actually have to order candles to keep these things burning.

That being said, this isn’t done in an annoying way. I never felt like I was being punished by having to make sure individual candles were lit or anything silly like that and I greatly appreciated that. This game does a lot of things I love and the potential here is absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, it is in many ways only potential. Many slowdowns plague the experience graphically and this was enough to harm the experience for me and long time readers will know I am very accepting of this usually. There is no shortage of bugs in the game either minor or major. Thankfully none of them are truly game breaking but they are again enough to take a great experience and really hurt it.

This isn’t the only issue, many times workers will simply do their own thing while standing next to what they are supposed to be doing. Once a character fresh off his break washed a couple dishes and returned to his break, he did this for about 3 in game days. Many times getting things to my store room proved to be almost impossible because half way through the job they decided it just didn’t need to be done anymore.

Crossroads Inn is a game I want to love,and there is joy to be found here for some people. It does however require a lot of patience and interest in a niche area within a niche genre. To me this game is a 5/10. Do I enjoy it? Yes. But the many technical difficulties are hard to get used to and many people simply won’t want to do it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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