Silence of the Siren (PC)

From the makers of Project Hospital, Oxymoron Games, comes their next title Silence of the Sirens. This one however is quite a bit different.

In Silence of the Sirens several space fairing civilizations will fight it out in turn based combat. As you each attempt to control a distant star system and mine far away planets to gather resources and create a bigger and better army and bases.

There are plenty of great things in this one to look forward to,but these are some of the key features

Explore a rich sci-fi world and discover secrets of a lost civilization

Collect powerful artifacts, secure important resources, upgrade your bases and hire the strongest units

Level-up your commanders and crush your opponents in exciting turn-based battles

Take control over several different species and factions

Old-school strategy game with modern controls and

Look for this one to hit Steam early access sometime next year.

Author: Savior699

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