Lego Bricktales PS4 Review

As always I like to start these things out with a huge thank you to the people over at Clockstone Software and Thunderful Group and everyone else involved with this one for tossing me a copy of this one to check out.

    Next, it should be said if you are looking for a quick laugh and excitement like many of the Lego series games like Lego Batman or Lego Star Wars, this is not really the game for you. This is at its core an attempt to recreate the love of building with real life Legos. Minus of course the unbearable pain of stepping on one because the kids can’t clean up after themselves. (Sorry mom,not so sorry to my dad that knocked over my castle though)

Seriously don’t step on these

  The game does this very well actually, you can even return to places later on and refine the things you build. There is a story mode that is worth checking out obviously but the real fun is always going to be the sandbox mode for many.

  Graphically,the game looks good for what it is and the sound does its job nicely. It won’t be winning any awards because of them but when it comes down to it I am sure that’s not what they were aiming for.  What they did give us are some great looking blocks and sounds that will make anyone feel like a kid again.

My only real gripes here are one, the controls take some getting used to. I always felt like getting the camera or the Lego in the right spot was just a little out of reach and it was frustrating. Not game ruining but ok bigger projects it made me want to snap a Lego guy in half. My other complaint was if you look at the real Lego instructions and the ones you get in game,the game ones aren’t really very detailed for a game trying to recreate the Lego feeling and it becomes more of a puzzle game at times.

  None of this ruins the experience,in fact if you like building with Legos I highly recommend this one. It isn’t for everyone however and if you are the type to toss your blocks across the living room for your parents to step on, maybe think twice about this one. 7/10, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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