Sega Forever Sonic 1


Sega forever is a great idea but seems to have been met with a rather meh feeling by most people, myself included. This is mostly because it feels like a reason to toss out their more company focused entries as opposed to fan favorites that we can’t get else where.

Sonic honestly looks great on the cell phone with zero graphical or sound issues on my device. But the real question here is how does a game built on speed handle? Well surprisingly well actually. The controls are basically a digital analog stick on the left corner and on the right a single button to jump. The only real problem is if your hands are sweaty like most touch screens you may lose some response time, and in a game like this that can cost you some lives. Thats not an issue with the game itself tho. If you want a sonic fix this isn’t a bad option. Hope this helps and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Goat Simulator


Every so often I get a friend that recommends a game that seems so mind numbingly dumb it can’t possibly be fun or even good. Goat Simulator is that game. You play as a rampaging goat (yes the animal) collecting new combinations of goats to play as for super powers while you collect various objects. The real fun in this game comes from all the insane stuff to do. For example I always loved sticking my tongue to people and dragging them around or rushing over and headbutting them to see how far they go.

There are also various missions to do, for example and early one requires you to stick your tongue to a boulder, drag it in front of a car doing donuts in a field and let it crash.

Graphically the game isn’t impressive and the sound is nothing to write home about? The game has a number of glitches as well but honestly the game is just pure goofy fun. Give it a shot if you get the chance, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dragon Age Inquisition


I played Dragon Age Origins after it first released and fell in love with the game almost instantly. The story, the world, the characters it was all amazing. I never got around to playing its sequel which I hear may be a good thing. Finally we come to Dragon Age Inquisition. This game has a lot going for it. The story is fun and engrossing, the battle system is nice the characters are great and the world itself is as amazing as it ever was.

There is a but coming to this. Mixed in with all that greatness was some of the most boring game play I have seen lately. The worlds are huge but mostly empty with areas that randomly rocket the level of the enemies seemingly at random. And if you attempt to do everything the game has to offer you as it becomes available you will quickly be so insanely over powered the already repetitive game play becomes tedious in a way I can’t even begin to accurately describe. Many people love this game, I am simply not one of them. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Digimonstory Cybersleuth


This game as you would expect revolves around helping a detective deal with various issues and digital hackers in the digital world while you raise and train various digital monsters know as digimon.

The game play itself is essentially a turn based RPG. You gather experience points and as your monsters grow stronger you digivolve them into bigger and stronger creatures.

The story is engaging and the battle system requires quite a bit of strategy which surprised me, the graphics and sound are stunning. My only real issue is the game for me got very repetitive pretty quickly. The more devote digimon fans probably won’t even notice that most of the missions are pretty much the same over and over again. That’s not to say it isn’t a solid and fun game because it is, it simply wasn’t for me. Now get out there and save the digital world, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



What would you get if you combined the 80’s classic Contra with a ton of 80’s action movies? You get Bro Force. Its a side scrolling action adventure with various characters each with a different weapon such as a machine gun (Rambo style) or a cyborg that looks strangely like Robocop. The controls and graphics are both Nice and they really nailed the classic contra feel as well as that classic contra difficulty. I picked it up as a free game way back for the PS4 when it was a months free game and it was truly one of those finds I’d have missed otherwise as its not the typical game I play. Of you get the chance to pick it up on same it would be a decent buy, have fun and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Bethesda,game of thrones?


A long time ago Bethesda was approached about making a Game of Thrones open world RPG, which they chose to make Skyrim instead. Now all this time later target may have leaked a new Bethesda game. A page on the site being reported by Forbes and other places that retailer Target has. A page simply titled Bethesda Game of thrones. Whether or not this is a mistake or intentional or even real remains to be seen but I for one would love to play it. Have a good night and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Wizards Wheel


As always with my mobile reviews this will be short. This is not the worst mobile game out there, but it isn’t that great either. You recruit characters and battle enemies in the woods to buy new equipment and buildings for your town where you can buy more items and equipment or use the stables to quick travel further into the woods.

You 2 options for combat are to either boringly choose your own attacks which gets old quickly or let the game auto battle for you, which gets boring even faster. While some may enjoy this game I don’t see it being very many. As always thanks for coming and may the gaming gods bring you glory.