Beyond The Gate


Hey who likes B movies that look straight out of the 80’s that are so bad they are good? If you said yes to that question you will probably like this movie. The acting is somewhere between bad and acceptable and the movie effects would be gorgeous back in 1986. The sound is of pretty good quality while still keeping with the time frame they were aiming for.

The story has a fun concept. Two brothers grew up with an alcoholic for a father. One is the typical loser in a small town the other left home to a bigger city meets a girl and buys a home. Of course dad goes missing for about 7 months and its up to them to reunite and clean out the video store dad bought when they were kids. Having never bought into the new scary DVD format his store is all VHS tapes. For you young people i have included a photo of a VHS tape.


Ok kids you all caught up on what a VHS tape is? Good. Anyway, a long time ago some board games came with one of these relics and you followed along. When they find one such game in dads office they are dragged into what is basically horror Jumanji. I won’t spoil the gory details, and I mean literal gory, but the movie does suffer from a few minor issues. Most notably the pacing. In a short movie, less than an hour and a half, the first hour is basically set up for what amounts to a 20 minute ending. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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