Sega Forever Sonic 1


Sega forever is a great idea but seems to have been met with a rather meh feeling by most people, myself included. This is mostly because it feels like a reason to toss out their more company focused entries as opposed to fan favorites that we can’t get else where.

Sonic honestly looks great on the cell phone with zero graphical or sound issues on my device. But the real question here is how does a game built on speed handle? Well surprisingly well actually. The controls are basically a digital analog stick on the left corner and on the right a single button to jump. The only real problem is if your hands are sweaty like most touch screens you may lose some response time, and in a game like this that can cost you some lives. Thats not an issue with the game itself tho. If you want a sonic fix this isn’t a bad option. Hope this helps and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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