Oh Zombieland. This is one of those movies that if you walked up to me and pitched it I would most likely call you insane.  Add in Woodie Harrelson with some soon to be A list actors and you got yourself a flick.

The basic premise is typical. Zombie apocalypse happens strangers get together in various ways but this time instead of this being a serious survival movie they loaded it up with comedy right down to small details like a guy with a cowboy hat painting the number 3 on all of his trucks to finding guns in a hummer and yelling “thank god for red necks” they really attempted to make it comedic but not outlandish. The zombies actually look pretty good for what it is and the movie basically starts out with some Metalica (for whom the bell tolls if you care) this is another great movie blessed by the gaming gods, and may they also bring you glory.

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