Dead Island PS4

dead island

There is one thing I have to get out of the way here before we move on to the actual review.

Seriously tell me this is not one of the best songs in a video game possibly ever? I don’t even like this kind of music but here we are.

Anyway back to why you are here. This game looks pretty good for an updated PS3 game and we all know how I feel about the sounds. The game takes place on the island of Banoi, a beautiful lush tropical island.

This game was pretty divisive for 1 reason and 2 reason only. Many people believed the game had no story really which was weirdly hidden. Not that it was hidden well, you will find most of it with just randomly exploring and doing side missions. The problem came from the fact that many of the side missions are easy to miss. It is also very easy to simply run around killing shit and never even noticed the other stuff. The story itself  is fun and engaging and I highly recommend checking it out, if only for the sure fun of smashing zombies with tons of melee weapons. And while you are at it, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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