The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) explained badly.

Earlier in the week my daughter that is way younger than this movie said for at least the 100th time “lets watch The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I said sure. So we did…again. And here is my review of the movie we have all seen a million times…But do any of you remember my Harry Potter reviews? Yup this is The Nightmare Before Christmas, explained badly.

His royal highness jack invaded the land if Kris Kringle in early November in an attempt to expand his kingdom. Sadly the easter bunny was also taken hostage. In the ensuring carnage.

After many battles however a third entity by the name of oogie boogie took the chance in the confusion and captured Kris Kringle. Realising the danger posed to both Halloween and Christmas town as well as the human world Jack and his forces joined with Kringle to defeat boogie and save Christmas.

Jack would marry a woman named Sally and peace would last for generations to come.

I hope you enjoyed, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) explained badly.”

  1. That’s funny.

    I once explained to my wife that Jack Skeleton is the worst person ever. He gets bored with a life where everyone in his town wants to “jump his bones” and he can have the tall hot blue chick for the taking. Yet he complains that life is boring and decides to take over another legends holiday in order to make himself feel better. Forget the other Halloween pals with their own ambitions and as I can tell, their deep love for Halloween. It’s all about Jack Skeleton, the supposed pumpkin king. A title I am sure he doesn’t even appreciate. Well, until he realizes he can’t have Christmas and then returns to his vomit like a dog.

    At the end of the movie, everyone in Halloween Town is all happy and singing their song and playing hockey. But man, the mayor should have held a trial on that jerk. He used precious resources that will put a strain on next Halloween! Jack should be thrown in prison!

    1. Yea that is all pretty damn accurate really. And they never explain what happens to the Easter bunny. He hops off and we assume those kids take him home but that is probably not even a safe assumption judging by how badly they follow directions and how they intended to betray Jack anyway. Jack probably just wrecked most of the major holidays.

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