Survival of the Dead (2010)

Survival of the dead is one of Romero’s last movies, and hey maybe it is because I am old and stuck in my ways but I still prefer the good old fashioned slow moving shoot em in the head zombies. I mean I get it, times change. And I don’t hate the modern zombies. The classics just do it for me. I love that classic feeling of being over run by an ocean of the dead as opposed to watching people be chased down.

This time around the main part of the story revolves some Ex United States military members that went AWOL and stumbled upon another man also robbing people near an island by Delaware when he tricks them into thinking he would help them get to the island as a means to escape the zombie horde.

As it turns out they rob people, send them to the island and unknown to them when they send people to the island the people there kill them. Yes everyone in the zombie apocalypse is an asshole.

What follows is a tale of revenge and a game of one upmanship revolving around being a complete dick to other people. Who is willing to kill their own people when bit? Who is willing to rob people? Shoot strangers? Romero once again does an amazing job setting up his world to seem like real people acting like they may act in a real apocalypse type scenario.

The movie isn’t the best looking but it doesn’t need to be. It does an amazing job at setting a tone of both needing to survive and dread that it may not be possible. It is another worthy addition to the name Romero. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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