Stranger Things (Season Two)

And we are back with Stranger Things, Season two. Now I will admit I am a bit late on this one to. Its not my fault… I was playing video games and never got around to watching…ok so it was my fault.

Anyway was season two as good as season one? Well no. And who thought it would be? But damn it was good. That part with? And the other with? And? Yea well you hatred of spoilers makes it really hard to review a Netflix series.

I will give you this one. At one part they all go to school and are they only kids dressed up for Halloween. Poor bastards. And to make matters worse they all assumed the black kid was going to be Winston when they went as the Ghostbusters. Seriously kid get some new friends. And not the girl with the skateboard and the brother that is a huge racist….aaaand that’s his new friend. Damn it kid.

Seriously tho, while maintaining its cliche 80’s feel that many of us loved the show took on a similar but different feel this time around. The kids have matured a bit after last seasons incident and who can blame them?

The town has also changed, friends have gone, new people have moved in relationships have changed. They have actually done a great job of making it feel like time has passed. But the more things change the more they stay the same.

Now I can’t give to many details without spoiling season one, but I will say this. While the initial threat from season one was stopped, it hasn’t truly gone away. A new threat has emerged and this time it may be more than the town in trouble. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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