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For those with a PlayStation 4 and a PSN account this weekend was a treat, we got to take part in the open beta for Monster Hunter world. But how was it? There are a few negative things you could say that would all be fair. I will say those now real quick just to get them out of the way. First off, it was pretty small really. There were only  three missions with very limited ability to really upgrade anything at all. The match making was also a nightmare even for a beta. At one point on Saturday it took me almost 45 minutes to find a game. Those missions could all be beaten pretty quickly as well. Also on a minor control issue certain attacks being mapped to the controller how they are would result in messing with items instead if you were too close, which almost got me killed a few times.

Other than that my time with the game flew by. The graphics looked great on my PS4 pro. I didn’t have any issues with frame rate tho i should note when given the option I did choose to prioritize that over anything else, an option the game tells you is only given to pro owners.¬† The controls themselves felt nice and fluid and easy to use with combinations working as one would expect and each weapon felt different. The game will definitely be a treat for fans of the series come January. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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