Meet the Blacks (2016)

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This is one of those movies you will either love or hate. Its not quite a spoof movie, but it isn’t quite its own thing. See the Blacks ( that is the families last name) move to a rich gated community from Chicago, on the night of the purge.

The movie it self has a fun premise, take a family that doesn’t fit into the neighborhood, add a night of lawless fun and see what happens. Making it a comedy, that was a twist that could have gone either way and honestly for me it worked. That being said much of the humor relies on racial stereotype jokes, such as bills not being paid or all white people are racist and don’t black people living in their neighborhood. Tho the reason this works is because people recognize these things and like all good comedy people recognize that ridiculous it is when people actually fit that stereotype.

All in all this movie is not for everyone, and many people simply won’t find it funny. If you enjoyed the Friday movies you will probably like this. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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