Our Favorite Movies Day 10:Birds(1963)

Alfred Hitchcock made quite the simple movie here. Birds for some reason attack people. The magic of this movie is that we have all seen birds just hanging out, and I dare you to watch this movie and not wonder if those birds sitting on your cloths line or power line are going to kill someone.

That is why this classic is on the list for me. It was probably the first horror movie I have seen that made me think in the real world this stuff could happen. And I know @torstenvblog in real life, we hang out and drink together, and have worked together at real life jobs. The dude is semi afraid of birds and I mean that legitimately. Not like outside terrified of them, but he got one in his house and me and 2 other friends had to go over to his house and get them out. His reasoning was he saw Birds. That is a 100% true story that happened this summer, and that is why this movie deserves to be on the list. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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