PumpkinHead (1988)

Oh Pumpkin Head, the 1988 cult classic. The story is simple, some city folks accidentally kill a child with their dirt bike, and dad (Lance Henriksen) goes to an old witch type woman to call upon the folklore monster of Pumpkinhead to come and kill those city bastards. The problem is when Ed Harley starts to actually see the deaths happen he starts to have some buyers remorse. When it turns out he can’t undo what has already been done he sets out to stop the monster himself.

The creature actually looked pretty solid for the 1980’s and the story itself is pretty fun. The movie isn’t actually all that special and offers nothing new really. It is just a tail of revenge and a creature being fought, but what makes this different is that Ed really seems to regret it and tries to stop it even tho he is the one that was wronged in the first place. Pumpkinhead himself isn’t even truly evil as he can only be summoned by someone against someone who has done something really bad against them. You can’t summon him because your neighbor like keyed your car or because she won’t go out with you on a Friday night. The movie is a fun watch, but it isn’t a great movie. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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