Bird Box (2018)

The movie starts off like most movies, a lonely woman finding out she is pregnant. Why this is such a popular starting point I will never know. They always have friends and someone to knock them up so you couldn’t have been that lonely. Either way Bird Box doesn’t waste much time. It isn’t long before a hospital trip for Malorie (Sandra Bullock) sees a woman slamming her head off the hard glass of the hospital window. This is where people start seeing something and killing themselves. Yes, it is essentially The Happening at this point.

The movie is set up almost as a series of flashbacks between when everything started and Malorie’s journey with Boy and Girl to the safety of a new community. Yes, those are the children’s names, Boy (Julian Edwards)and Girl (Vivian Lyra Blair). The bouncing back and forth is actually done really well, at no point are you ever confused as to what is going on or when. Both points are self-contained with the past explaining how Malorie ended up where she is at and the present explaining where she is going, why she is going there and why she chose the manner in which she is doing it.

The movie is entertaining and suspenseful but I do have a few complaints, none of which are the fact that it is essentially The Happening or A Quiet Place as many have compared it to and rightfully so. No, I don’t mind those things. Hell, the Lion King is essentially Hamlet. Stories are often retold. My issue is the many things the movie doesn’t do for example show what is causing these deaths or truly explain why some batshit crazy people are immune to it.

This movie is a love it or hate it situation. It has a 50% on Metacritic for example and a 68% on rotten tomatoes (65 critics 75 fans) and it is mostly from some people saying the movie is amazing and others saying it is a flaming pile of turds. Except for one person from The Root that thinks the movie is about racism, but I think this person didn’t actually see the movie. One of the things they claim they didn’t explain in the movie is quite clearly explained, and some of their ideas are quite the stretch which is sad since the page is usually quite well informed and well written (especially Mr. Harriot)

All in all tho, the movie isn’t all that new or different and each person will view it differently, whether you love it or hate it, or even see it as an inditement about racism in America, give it a watch and see what you come up with then let me know what you think. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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