Xbox Live on IOS Android and Switch?

Yes you read that headline right, and yes it sounds pretty weird but that is the rumor going around due to a session description for a 2019 game development conference. Polygon has more of the finer details about who and how many, but for me, this is both exciting and weird. It could be interesting to be able to combine your online friend’s list to see who is playing what across console or even on the go. Maybe even the potential of Achievements for mobile and Nintendo games? Now all of this is 100% speculation on my part, but it’s all quite exciting. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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3 thoughts on “Xbox Live on IOS Android and Switch?”

  1. That would be an interesting utility. Even with just three major consoles and the PC platform, it can be difficult keeping in track of what you do on each platform, so being able to see what your friends are up to across platforms would be handy.

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