Supernatural Ending After Season 15

As many of you know I am a pretty big fan of the show Supernatural, In fact, I have reviewed the first 13 seasons and will do season 14 as soon as it hits Netflix. Well sadly after the next season, fifteen, the show will be coming to its end. I am actually pretty ok with this tho. Many shows go on far too long to the point many people, especially its earliest fans kind of get sick of it and only watch it out of what they feel is an obligation. Supernatural never really seemed to get to that level, it will get to go out on its own terms before it is forced out. The only issue I can see is the ending, both Jensen and Jarad have said in the past they can’t see Sam and Dean simply retiring. I also don’t think fans would accept them simply going back to hunting and the show ends with Dean closing the trunk of the car and saying “We have work to do.” So I really think we need to be prepared for one or both of them dying for good this time. Either way, enjoy the video and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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