Star Trek Nemesis


Before Tom Hardy was Bane or Venom, he was Shinzon, a Remon that managed to take over the Romulan Empire. The last of the Star Trek movies before the reboot is thought by many to be the worst. Tho I think most of them forget that the motion picture exist. As far as acting goes this is one of the best, as are the visuals.

The story itself is a bit weird. It is quickly revealed that Shinzon is in fact a clone of Picard made by the Romulans and isn’t a Remon at all.

What follows is the usual Star Trek shtick where the evil romulans and Shinzon attempt to destroy the earth and Picard and crew must stop them. Now the movie itself isn’t bad its simply all been done before. By all means watch it to finish out the movies, but don’t start here. Or maybe do, maybe if you start with Nemesis you will think its a better movie. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Elite Dangerous, My Time Exploring


My time exploring honest took far longer than I would have liked. Not that I have anything against exploring, just only expected it not to take as long. What I thought would be a few days traveling to the center of the galaxy and back took almost a month. Scanning and jumping gets old quick but the sights are great. Found a system with five stars in it for example.

I can’t lie, there were times I simply didn’t give a damn about scanning. over 50 thousand light years is an insanely long trip to make and at times I felt almost like the rest of the game would never exist for me again. With all that said I got home with what felt like very little money, tho it was 70 million credits. That sounds like a lot but admittedly it won’t even buy you a mid range ship and I imagine you could make far more doing almost anything else in the same time it takes to travel that distance and scan hundreds of systems.

Suffice it to say it will be awhile before making another such journey but everyone should travel at least a few thousand light years from the bubble just for the experience. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek Insurrection

Star Trek insurrection.jpg

Star Trek Insurrection to many seems to be a horrible movie and I do admit its not quite what most trek movies are. While I do not agree the movie was bad I do understand why a lot of people seem to dislike it. Back in the late 90’s when most movies and t.v. shows were ramping up the action Insurrection mostly did not. It Starts with Data seemingly disobeying orders from a mystery woman ends up revealing a massive conspiracy with the federation and Son’a against a small civilization. And without giving to much away, and as you would have guessed anyway our good captain Picard won’t stand for that. What follows are various jokes, space battles and everything else you would expect from a trek movie. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek First Contact


Star Trek First Contact from 1996 is the first next generation only movie, and it is only fitting it involves one of Earths biggest enemies, the Borg. After destroying a Borg Cube the Enterprise follows a Sphere back into the past, the day before first contact is made with the Vulcans. ¬†After destroying the Sphere a group is sent down to help repair the first warp drive ship and is trapped down there while the rest of the crew fights off the Borg that have invaded the the ship. Honestly this is the best looking of the movies so far, and possibly ever outside of the reboots. The sound is phenomenal for its time and the acting has never been better at this point in Star Trek history. This may not be the best of the Trek movies but at least in the next generation time this one was the high point for the series and i’d suggest any fan that hasn’t seen them yet to see this one,and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek Generations

star trek generations

Probably one of the better trek movies, not for its story or any other particular reason beyond getting to see Picard and Kirk together. The story tho happens to be pretty great. The movie starts out 30 years after the last Enterprise was decommissioned. A new Enterprise with a new crew is about to leave space dock and Kirk, Chekov and Scotty are going for the native voyage. After receiving a distress call they are off to save some people. Of course they save some, but Kirk is in the section of engineering that is damaged and he happens to get sucked into something called the Nexus. Unfortunately others got out of the nexus and 1 man is obsessed with getting back inside of it since it is a place of complete happiness where time has no meaning and people live forever. In order to return he starts blowing up stars to get back in since you can’t simply fly a ship into it, you have to be in its path.

Aside from getting to see two iconic captains in one movie the highlight for me is to see Data with an emotion chip singing about loving scanning for life signs. Be that as it may, it is still a great movie most people would probably enjoy. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Star Trek 6

star trek 6

Star Trek 6 the undiscovered country from 1991 is the story of the destruction of the Klingon moon that threatened to destroy their home world that resulted in the Klingon empire and Federation making peace. Well one of the times. They fight a lot. This time the crew is in a hurry to save Bones and Kirk from being killed for assassinating the Klingon High Council. While not the best in the series its also not the worst. The usual statements are true here, acting visuals and sound are all where they should be. The movie however is pretty unremarkable. I had forgotten I had even seen it  until I started watching it.

The scenes with the ice prison was pretty well done, and i’m glad it wasn’t a rip off of Hoth from Star Wars tho i don’t doubt many will attempt to make the connection anyway. Once again, may the gaming gods bring your glory.



Star Trek 5


Star trek 5 is another one many have mixed feelings about but I really enjoyed. It also had a serious tone with comedic moments to it. The crew is pulled from shore leave to go help 3 captives on a planet of peace that has been taken over by terrorist.

With a ship not quite ready for voyage they set off and attempt to sneak into the base and secure the hostages only to be betrayed by the captives themselves being lead by no other than Spocks half brother looking for Vulcan heaven shakari ( allegedly its a pun oun on the name Sean Connary whom was supposed to have a part in the show)

The visuals and sound are once again top notch for its time, 1989 and the acting is the same ass all the other shows and movies staring the original series cast. If you are a fan of Star Trek you by all means should watch. And if you aren’t you should still give it a shot. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.