The Secrets Of Emily Blair

Aside from being another typical demon possession movie in pretty much every way imaginable, for fans of the Star Trek and Highlander T.V. shows there are some cool things involved. For example you get to see O’Brian (Star Trek) be a priest or Duncan McCloud (highlander) call a demon a mother fucker.

Ok now that my favorite parts of the movie are out of the way, this is the story of a nurse that gets possessed by a demon one night while at work. From there the slow descent into madness and possession starts. Small things at first, she blacks out for example a cuts a kids finger with a pair of hospital scissors. Then she cheats on her fiancee and finally murders someone. The acting is pretty well done and the visuals are average as are the sounds and music. The only part I can say I honestly disliked was the very very stereotypical exorcism scene. Tied to a bed priest doing priest things lies being told etc. The movie itself wasn’t bad nor was it good. It simply is. If you need to see a demon movie there are better out there. Have a good day and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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