Zombi (PS4)

First a story with this game, I bought it awhile back because it looked interesting. Like 2 weeks later it became the free game for the month. This pissed me off even more than I already was with the game.

The game has sub par visuals, the controls are a bit stiff but passable. Neither of these issues are that big of a deal but are worth mentioning tho for most people they won’t even be an issue.

The concept itself is pretty interesting. Trapped in London during the zombie apocalypse (I’m really getting sick of typing that this month) you will explore various historical locations and other places to find supplies and weapons to move the story along and escape.

Another really cool part is what can only be described as semi permanent death. If your character dies that character is simply gone. You however won’t start the game over. Any items you have stored will still be stored and any progress you made will still be there. You simply get a new character. Your old stuff is actually still with your old character whom is now a zombie at your old location that you can kill and get your stuff back. If running from zombies wasn’t bad enough and nerve wracking having to basically beat yourself to death is pretty sadistic to say the least.

In the end I personally did not enjoy this game and would not recommend it. Others I know thought it was ok, but at the very least you should find it on sale for as cheap as possible. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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