Supernatural season 7

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Season 7 of Supernatural brings us another big enemy with the Leviathans, the beings that were here before the Humans. Cass brought them out of Purgatory with him, and when the renegade angel turned god puts all the souls back into Purgatory they decide not to go, and they of course are not peaceful.

We will also see out dear brothers Sam and Dean dealing with the loss of their dear friend Bobby, tho he is a ghost. I don’t want to spoil much but at this point the series has hit a sort of pattern. That isn’t bad, but we basically see the same thing here as the last couple seasons. Sam and Dean fight, bad guys do stuff. Sam and  Dean make up, bad guys die, this sets off a reaction freeing the next bad guy or incident that pushes the series along. You will see the same thing here with the defeat of the Leviathans and the consequences that follow. The season is still good and I enjoyed season 7, but that pattern can not be ignored. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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4 thoughts on “Supernatural season 7”

  1. I overall did sort of enjoy this season, one of my favourite lines in the entire series is in one of the episodes. It is when Dean sees Dick get into his car and he shouts: “Dick, get out of the car you Dick!” Immature I know, but made me chuckle :’)

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