Our Favorites Day 31: Slither (Savior)

Here we are, Halloween and the final day of our favorite horror movies. You will notice that me and @torstenvblog are both doing a movie today and it happens to be the same movie, Slither Slither 2nd opinion (2006)

Why are we both covering a movie we have both already reviewed? Well a long time ago we both worked at the same place and didn’t know each other. He was some guy pushing carts in the parking lot and I worked in the garden section. He did his thing and I did mine. One day I got dragged out of my department and sent outside to help that dude in the parking lot and while bullshitting about our shared hatred for our job we discovered we had much in common. Video games, books, horror movies and mostly that we hated our damn boss.

About 6 months later I left that hell hole for good, but he needed help moving and of course I had my friends back. We got him settled in, unpacked played some games and decided to get together for what would become a tradition we have followed ever since. Once a year for Halloween we get together and watch horror movies, but the first one I remember was this movie.It had it all, some silly jump scare attempts, a mayor screaming for his Mr. Pip, death and gore and the greatest love song of all time.

I don’t care what you all say, it’s a love song. “Queue The mother fucking Yahoos!” Seriously, I got that text from @torstenvblog the day him and his girlfriend broke up. She was insane. Seriously upper tier insane.

Regardless that is why I love this movie, it solidified what became the best friendship I have ever had and gave us one of the best inside jokes I have been part of. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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