The Hatred Revisited (2017)

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It wasn’t to long ago I watched this movie, and honestly I didn’t really know what to do with it. Here is my original review. The Hated (2017) I decided to watch it again because honestly I forgot I watched it already until about halfway through. Maybe that should be an indication of how good the movie is. You can see from my other review the movie had potential,and I stand by that. The movie could have been amazing, and the acting was really well done, I have no complaints there, and there is a scene where the little girl insist her baby sitter checks under the bed and when she does it’s the little girl telling her to shush because that isn’t her. When the sitter looks up, yup its a ghost.

Many aspects of the movie are great like that, and even the beginning explains how the house got into the state it was in showing an Nazi post WW2 living in America hiding an old object given to him from a friend as a reward from Hitler and a letter telling him to protect it.

The movie is definitely worth checking out tho, with how torn on it I am I can see other people enjoying it tho it does have pretty bad reviews from IMBd (3.7/10) and 59% from  Google users, so maybe not. Maybe do like the girls in the movie and drink a bottle of wine before deciding anything, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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