Rock Of Ages 2 PS4

rock of ages 2

This game was very weird. The tutorial isn’t very informative so I wasn’t exactly clear on what I was supposed to do at first. That being said the story is presented in a very Monty Python style cartoon which I greatly enjoyed. The graphics for the actual game play tho is a little on the dull side but they are acceptable.

The main game play is essentially a tower defense game, you build stuff to stop your opponent from rolling a ball down a hill to bust open some castle doors while they do the same to you During my time with the demo tho you basically  can ignore the rest and just smash the castle open. I do feel like in the actual game on the higher levels that will into play far more. The real fun here is the couch Co-op portion. I played with my daughter and we had a blast, tho i may have to ground her for a month if she doesn’t stop putting the sticky cows everywhere to slow my ball down. And yes we were on the same team, damn team killing kid. Anyway go give it a shot, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Knack 2 Preview

knack 2

Having never played the Original I wasn’t really sure what to expect in any way. So I downloaded the demo. The demo starts off with a scene about celebrating martial arts more than anything else. This probably has something to do with the first game so admittedly I did’t quite get it. Moving on, you are in a sort of fight pit beating up on some poor dude that I hope was a willing participant but hey who knows. What follows is a very well brawler style game with a few buttons that can be used in various ways to beat the crap out of what is basically 3 different people, one with shield one with a staff and some poor bastard punching legos with his fist.

There is also a mechanic that lets you switch between being bigger and smaller, tho being smaller which is used once or twice during the demo to solve puzzles. Honestly if you are one of the rare people that enjoy that style of game you will most likely enjoy Knack 2 however I did not care for it. Have a great day, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Destiny 2 beta

destiny 2

The beta starts off with a short story cut scene which actually has a few funny moments. After the cut scene shows an attack we get into the action. Having never really played the 1st one I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting. Turns out of if you have played the Halo series you are pretty much capable with this from the word go. Now i’m not saying that as a bad thing by any means. The combat is fluid and the graphics are very nice. With that being said it was quickly apparent this game won’t be for anyone the beta itself was quite a bit of fun and the actual release should be a very well rounded and fun game. As always thank you and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mega man Collection 2

mega man colection 2

After playing the first Mega Man Collection I am admittedly excited for this for many reasons. First, the other collection was done amazingly well. Second, and it pains me to say this, I have not played any of the games in this collection which will include 7-10 as well as stage remixes , online leader boards and a music player not to mention all the add on content for Mega mans 9 and 10. August will be a good month for Mega Man fans.  Good luck, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous Playstation 4 Preview

Elite Dangerous has been out for years on PC and Xbox One and is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Now many of you probably never heard of this, and that doesn’t surprise me, only reason i know of it is a friend told me about it. How did he hear about it? You guessed it, someone told him about it. Now i am not going to lie to you, this game is one hell of a grind. The tutorial can take legitimately hours to to do just enough to have a solid foundation to play the game. Now that sounds like a lot, but when you look at what the game is it is unavoidable. It is a MASSIVE space simulator, an ever changing economy, wars between multiple factions and a 1:1 galaxy to explore. Yes that is right, there are billions of stars and planets to visit once you get the hang of the learning curve where you can see beautiful views such as the ones below

images (1)



Now don’t let these views fool you, the world is as dangerous as it is gorgeous, not just NPC pirates, other players can and will attack you to steal your cargo and if you have a wanted tag on you its basically one huge bulls eye on your back. That being said the galaxy is so immense   you may never see other players, in my 25 hours with the game I have only seen 3, one of which was my friend showing off his far more advanced ship. There are also player groups within the game that basically started themselves. One that damn near seems like a secret society do nothing more than Explore the galaxy investigating rumors of alien artifact and wreckage, which you are free to do on your own. A different group known as the fuel rats are probably the heroes for the explorer. Run out of gas, get in touch with the fuel rats and they will bring you some fuel. I’ve never needed them but I am told they have a website that you can visit and request help.

The Elite Dangerous community is at time very hard to approach for new people on PC, at least that is the rumor, however on Xbox I have never had an issue with griefers or people just being a pain i the ass. There are some things you have to be warned about, and i do not mean to scare you off. I have already reserved my copy of the game and will be starting all over again on PS4 when it launches June 27th.

So here is the cold hard truth, this game requires a large time commitment to truly enjoy. Between the tutorials and getting the hang of things easily the first 20 hours is training just to upgrade your ship a bit and learn to stop crashing while trying to land. Jumping from system to system us easy, but traveling in the system to planets and take some practice and patience. Upgrading your ship from the standard sidewinder to something with greater traveling ability, combat skill, mining ability or whatever else it is you want will takes hours, and that’s just to get a decent ship, the higher tier ships can take closer to 100 hours and many even longer. This is not a game for people that want a quick to play game. You can play it for an hour here and there, absolutely, but there is no quick route to new ships or locations.

With all that being said I do think it is one of the more ambitious titles in recent memory, that any sci fi fan should at least check out on Youtube. I highly recommend either Scott Manley or Obsideon Ant, both of which i will link video for at the bottom. As always, thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.