Civilization Revolution

civilization revoluton

Civilization Revolution is one of those games from a series that is mostly absent from consoles. In fact to my knowledge  there is this one and a PlayStation one version of civilization 2 on console. Now in case you live under a rock, civilization is a turn based simulation of what I would describe as the timeline of humanity. You pick a world leader and build a city or eventually multiple cities. You build libraries, barracks and other general city things as well as various types of troops. As time progresses and you discover new technologies you can build more advanced buildings are troops.

The game has more than one way to win, for example building a space ship and getting to the next solar system or capturing all the other civilizations capital cities.  There are also more world leaders than I care to mention. America has good ole Abe Lincoln and the Mongolians have Genghis Khan for example. Mostly its just famous people from their respective countries.

With all that being said this series  may be the king of just playing for a little longer turning into hours of game play,as always thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Cosmic Star Heroine


Wow. I could end the review there. I won’t, but I could. I was expecting a generic rip off of Chrono Trigger. I could not have been more wrong. Yes the battle system is basically the same, but there is enough of a twist to make it interesting. See instead of picking moves every turn you need to defend to recharge them after you use most moves. Combine this with hyper commands and the strategy really starts to build. The visuals have a very nice retro look while the sound is a nice mix of classic but new at the right times.

The story itself is a bit cliche but it is very well done. A classic tail of a good woman doing the right thing and being chased by an evil man you once trusted. I do have a few issues with the game. For starters even on the middle difficulty the game is very easy. I am yet to lose a single battle or even find one that is challenging, and I doubt I am some how that good at the game despite being blessed by the gaming gods. On that note, may the gaming gods bring you all the glory you deserve.

Goosebumps PS4 Review


As a kid I grew up reading these books. Not just one or two, me and my brother bought them by the set. Then the choose your own scare books came out and we bought even more. Now I wasn’t expecting a lot from this outside of some cheap nostalgia. This point and click adventure was short, to the point and loaded with nostalgic charm by the truck load. From seeing an actual truck load of Goosebumps paraphernalia at the beginning to a haunted house you can find killer sponges, huge green blobs and many other things I won’t spoil. That being said I do very much mean this game is short. Could probably do it in an hour or two with a decent guide and not much longer without.

The real question for this point and click adventure is not was it good. The question is are you a goosebumps fan? The answer to that question is the answer to whether or not you should buy this game. I for one, was not disappointed. Thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Neverwinter Ps4


I’m not big on MMO’s. Not that i have an issue with them, I’ve played a few. Dabbled in WOW a bit, tried Some Guild Wars and DC online. Neverwinter is somewhere in the middle really.  The combat is solid and the story nice, tho i wish there was more customisation with the characters beyond picking a race and class that already has a list of moves you can pick from, but that’s really my issue with most games of this type. That being said if you are looking for the experience on console this is probably the game for you. I didn’t experience any lag and griefing from other people is at a minimum. I won’t say its the best game out there, but for a free to play game it is more than worth it. As always thanks for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass effect has always been a series I loved. From the minute I played the first to the moment I finished three, and no I am not one of these hated the ending and demanded they change it. So when i heard about this one its safe to say I was aboard the hype train. The more I learned the more I was excited to play.

Now I will be the first to admit this game has issues. For example this weird glitch when my vehicle somehow ended up inside some old ruins.


Or this time when randomly I had the start of a Krogan army.


That being said I do think the game gets a bad rap at times. The story itself was pretty solid and I enjoyed the worlds that we explored. The combat was fluid and entertaining and gave good reason to try new things and abilities. While there was no Garus type character for me that I loved and simply needed to bring with me because I loved having them around, there was no character i disliked either. They all were interesting for me to get to know. Part of the issue is a lot of people didn’t get what they expected so for them the game was bad. As always thanks for your time, and may the gaming gods always guide you.

Persona 5 Review


Persona 5 is one of those games most people won’t play outside of RPG fans, and they are missing out on one of the best gaming experiences in a very long time. The story starts with the main character moving in with a guy due to some event that saw him expelled from school and put on probation. What will follow is a story of love, betrayal, and numerous other topics from a teachers inappropriate treatment of students to the mob and politics.

The game is beautiful full of color and life with a plethora of places to go and visit. Batting cages, fishing, eateries movies etc. See fighting battles isn’t the only part of this game. You will actually go through many day to day activities including studying for school and hanging out with friends and many other activities, to many to really get into.

The sound is equally amazing, with music setting the tone properly on every level and nice voiceover work. If I had any complaint about the game its that it is actually to long. 100 hours in and I still have not finished the game. But lets be honest, if that is the games biggest issue, and I believe it is, then the gaming gods have truly guided its creation. May they bring you glory.

Playstation Now

playstation now

The idea behind this was one I was very excited about. Hundreds of games i could stream sort of like a gaming Netflix? Any gamer and even more so for one that runs a blog would find this insanely appealing.  Since there is a 7 day free trial I said screw it, nothing to lose here.

So here i how this went, I picked my first game, Civilization Revolution. I don’t know how well this will work so i picked a game I was very familiar with. First a pretty minor issue, streaming a game was bound to come with some graphical degradation and lag. After all we are talking button commands movement etc.    I tried a couple round then switched to a racing game, none of which had bad enough lag issues to make a game unplayable or even more difficult.

The issue is it took multiple to even get a game to start, at least 3 or 4 each time. Worse there always seems to be a 5 minute wait or so while you wait since only so many people can play a game at a time. And yes it gets worse, sometimes, more often than i’d like, the game will randomly drop before you can start after the wait, and you have to start all over again. Now these issues may seem little more than an annoyance, but for $20  month I would expect better than a service than Sony supplies on this. As always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mega man Collection 2

mega man colection 2

After playing the first Mega Man Collection I am admittedly excited for this for many reasons. First, the other collection was done amazingly well. Second, and it pains me to say this, I have not played any of the games in this collection which will include 7-10 as well as stage remixes , online leader boards and a music player not to mention all the add on content for Mega mans 9 and 10. August will be a good month for Mega Man fans.  Good luck, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Mega Man Collection

mega man collection

Oh Mega Man, you beautiful blue bastard. A long time ago, when I was a small kid,I got Mega man 3 for Christmas. That was my first of many experiences with Mega Man. This collection was a huge surprise for me as i didn’t know it existed until it was released.

The collection contains Mega Man 1 through 6 and also has a museum and a fun challenge mode. The experience hasn’t much changed in all these years, 1 is still fun but a complete pain in the ass and 2 is still has magical as it has always been. That being said these games are old and they at times feel their age, the sound while amazing on the nostalgia front it is still outdated as are the graphics which for many will be a great thing, others may find it annoying. personally I loved it and will play it many more times i’m sure, I highly recommend checking this out if you are either a retro gamer or simply a fan of gaming history.



A Link to the Past


One of my first games on the Super Nintendo was the legend of Zelda a Link to the Past. Before this game I wasn’t a very fan if the series but for some reason this game just got me hooked. Somewhere between finding boots to help me run and being launched into the dark world I fell in love. Realistically tho I can’t say why. Graphically it has always been pretty average, the sound while nice wasn’t anything special. Now i’m not bashing the game, most games fall into these categories and most even novice computer nerd could recreate it i’d guess. Be that as it may, this game is rightfully a classic and I’m not sure you can even call yourself a gamer without having at least watched someone else play it. As always thanks for joining me and may the gaming gods bring you glory.