7 Days to Die Revisted

I reviewed this game a few months ago when Savior Gaming first started, since than I have logged a few more hours in, the game has had a few updates and I really felt it was worth coming back to this one. Not because I said the game was bad, the game was always pretty decent despite a few graphical and frame rate issues.

The graphical issues are largely unchanged. Even on a PS4 pro and a 4K television the game doesn’t look that great compared to most games. While some work has been done you will never mistake this for a triple A title.

The frame rate issues have mostly been taken care of, and for couch co-op the game no longer randomly freezes when 2 people attempt to enter menus and aside from some lag when player 2 enters the game you won’t have to many issues if any.

The online experience is fun and I never seem to have an issue finding a game to join in with or run into people just being a pain in the ass to new players so it still seems to be pretty active.

The game experience itself is still mostly unchanged. Enter enter the games already rendered world or a randomly generated one, do the short tutorial. Try to survive while building a base that will withstand the zombie horde that will attack every 7 days and gets a bit harder each time. The game is not for everyone but for those into that sort of thing it provides hundreds of hours of fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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