tmnt 2007

I’m not going to lie folks, I never grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No cartoons, video games, comics or anything. In fact my friend Autobot was the one to introduce me to them with the 2007 CGI film which caught me by total surprise. What happens when the turtles go there own separate ways? After the rift between Raph and Leo bursts, the team splits and must get back together to fight a new foe.

I was a lot more drawn to the turtles than I thought I’d be, Raphael is my favorite. Visually the movie’s CGI is really freaking cool to watch and has some really sweet looking moments through out. The bad guy isn’t great but Patrick Stewart is always a great voice actor and it was refreshing not to have Shredder again. It was a fun movie with some deep parts that I recommend for newcomers as well as the long time fans. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Spider-man: Shattered dimensions

spidey shattered dimensions

With the new Spider-man game’s date finally here ( Spider Man PlayStation 4 ) I thought it’s only fitting to talk about the last Spider-man game I played: Shattered Dimensions. Mysterio has a piece of a powerful artifact, the other pieces are scattered throughout time and space. Madam Webb has to call upon the Spider-men of four dimensions, classic, 2099, Spider-man Noir, and Ultimate black suited to face the villains carrying the pieces and beat Mysterio.

Each Spider-man has there own play style and abilities. Classic uses a lot of webs and acrobatic, Ultimate is hard up beat em up, Noir revolves around stealth, and 2099 has a lot of high reflex combat and free falls. Noir was my favorite; I enjoyed the black and white style and dark tone. The stealth was simple but fun and ran pretty smooth. 2099 was my least favorite. While free falling was epic I just didn’t think the levels were really fun and his heightened reflexes die off super fast. Deadpool was the best cameo of the game in my opinion, always a joy. The game is only fourteen missions if you count the prologue and it’s more linear than I would like but it’s fun and a worth a good play through. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Marvel stories I want to read before I croak…

marvel banner

Comics are stars in a infinite universe, it becomes damn near impossible to visit every star but some by reputation shine brighter than others. These are just a few I’ve heard throughout the years I want to check out when I get the chance, in no particular order, let’s start with…

avengers vs xmen 1. Avengers vs X-men

Just the premise alone is enough for any comic fan to crap there pants, two of Marvel’s greatest teams battling each other. Is there more I need to say?

armor wars 2. Armor Wars

There’s two huge reasons I want to read this story. First, I’ve actually never read an Iron Man story fully all the way through. Two, I’m a huge fan of Dr. Doom. Kill two birds with one stone.

age of apocalypse 3. X-men: Age of Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse disappointed the hell out of me. When X-Men the animated series , a cartoon meant for kids delivers a more badass mutant god than a million dollar movie, it’s easy to see why I wanted to experience him as he should be.

house of M 4. House of M

I’ve heard a summary of how this story goes, something like Inception if you were stuck in Scarlet Witch’s head. She’s one of my favorite characters in the MCU but I’ve never read much into her, so this sounds like the perfect place.

That was a small list but I’m sure the list will grow, if anyone has read any of these or any other awesome Marvel stories, hit me up in the comments and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



New Pokémon GO Legendaries Latias and Latios are regional exclusives, Latias in Europe and Asia, Latios in the Americas and Africa, both swap locations on May 8 — Pokémon Blog

The Legendary Eon duo – Latias and Latios – will be added as Pokémon GO Raid Bosses from today, April 2, until June 5. According to the development team at Niantic, the Legendary Pokémon Latias will appear in Raid Battles across Europe and Asia, while Latios will appear in North America, South America, and Africa. On May 8, the Eon […]

via New Pokémon GO Legendaries Latias and Latios are regional exclusives, Latias in Europe and Asia, Latios in the Americas and Africa, both swap locations on May 8 — Pokémon Blog

The Hobbit


I’m not really a major fantasy nerd by heart but I’ve always been told to read it if you want to become a writer. So I did, finding myself perplexed but impressed at the same time. While not as grim or action packed as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it is in fact an epic adventure to the core and I love that Tolkien writes in a particular style of not dumbing his world down for us to understand it, he challenges you to experience it for yourself. I respect that.

Bilbo Baggins is an ordinary hobbit in The Shire, boring, polite, and something of a homebody. That it is until Gandalf the wizard shows up, and then after that the pesky dwarves show up to his cozy hobbit-hole, requesting his presence in their party as a master thief on Gandalf’s behalf. Bilbo hasn’t done a damn thing like thieving. The dwarves, led by Thorin, a monarch who’s family was forced out of his kingdom and castle full of gold by a badass dragon named Smaug. Thorin wants Smaug gone and his shit back. The group sets off, facing trolls, spiders, a sweet barrel ride, and an important encounter with Gollum and a ring he is obsessed with. The whole time Bilbo grows into the role Gandalf set up for him, armed only with a glowing sword and the ring that let’s him become invisible, but can he raise to the challenge and defeat Smaug?

The Hobbit is a simple classic that has a great range of characters, setting, and world building. Of the three times I’ve read it, it does get better each time I read it. It is a prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I love that it’s not a A-B prequel, which was a huge reason I loved that direction for Prometheus ; you can read it perfectly fine as a standalone book. The book was cut into three full fledged, 2 hour plus movies even though the book is just about 300 pages. What almost drew me to the movies was Benedict Cumbatch’s portrayal as Smaug, which was terse but perfect; friends that are way more into Tolkien than I am told me the trilogy was a waste of time in the end. I highly recommend the book, especially if you are a aspiring writer, but I can tell you it’s ok to skip the movies. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Terminal trailer


The vibrant contrast of colors of this picture made me watch the trailer and I was intrigued. Visually I was pretty hooked, curious as to the colorful neon Noir they were going for. I’ve always been a fan of Margot Robbie, especially after her great performance as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad so I’m always curious what’s she’s up to next. I’m curious for the next trailer, so check it out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Children of the Corn

children of the corn

I will never step foot in a corn field, or anywhere predominately full of kids without thinking I’m going to get mauled and put on a damn corn cross. At the same time, Children of the Corn is my favorite cult movie. I briefly talked about the short story when I talked about the book Night Shift by of course Stephen King, but let’s go a bit more in depth…

General premise: under a demon influenced child preacher, the children of Gatlin Nebraska murder all the adults and take to human sacrifices for “He who walks behind the rows” lurking in the corn, and a couple stumbles upon this after running over a kid they found with his throat cut. This is pretty much where the similarities end.

In the story, Burt and Vicky are a couple who hate each other driving through the deep nowhere of corn because Burt has a interview. They hit the kid and uncover some weird shit in his possession. They park in town and split up. Vicky gets taken by the kids, which is the last time we see her alive; the last time she’s on the cross with her eyes ripped out and corn husks jammed in her sockets. Burt discovers that the kids murdered there parents and murder anyone past 18; and that they’ve been procreating extremely young. A kid named Amos is seemingly the one who started all this and Issac and Malachi are on the chopping block. Burt finds what’s left of Vicky, but He who walks behind the Rows finds him first…no happy ending, not even close.

In the movie, Burt and Vicky are married and mostly happy but there’s a rift because Burt has issues with kids. They talk to a old mechanic that lives on the outskirts of Gatlin that directs them away, but the corn is never ending and traps them there, then they hit the kid. Issac is the preacher that brought this madness, aided by his violent lieutenant Malachi. Again Vicky gets taken while Burt finds some messed up shit. But unrest in the group keeps her alive; Malachi turns on Issac and hosts him up for sacrifice with Vicky. Burt gets rescued by nonbelievers Jobb and Sarah, and together they ban together to get Vicky back and stop the children.

There’s a remake which blends both but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it; does this premise at all seem fit for a made-for -TV movie?

I love both story and movie but for different reasons. The story is bleak and very ambiguous; piecing what those kids were doing was half the morbid allure of it. We really didn’t see faces, no speeches, just remains they left behind. While the movie has creepy parts, I love the look and the child actors, especially Issac and Malachi and how over the top they could be and some of the shitty effects are just fun. Either way, I’d check either out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory  Outlander!