The Hunter Call of the Wild

This is not my usual game. I have played a few hunting games in the past but I am not usually a fan. Been hunting a few times and I have enjoyed it. The games I’ve played tho just failed in every way to capture that thrill of hunting. The searching, the excitement of seeing your soon to be dinner. The heart break of a miss and the pure joy of a kill. Until now.

Just to get this out of the way, if you don’t have the patience to simply wander around for 30 minutes or an hour or even longer just following a trail, trying to line up the perfect shot then possibly following it some more if your shot fails to hit its mark and drop your animal quickly, this game probably is not for you.

The game is beautiful. Maybe not the best graphically but the views in the two insanely large areas are nice with plenty to see. Ponds, ridges cabins and more to explore. You can easily spend hours just wandering around seeing what you can find. In fact my first 3 hours playing I shot 4 animals and only because I randomly ran into 3 of them. And yes much like the real world if you wander around making a ton of noise chances are you won’t be seeing much of anything.

Wondering around however is not a waste of time. Tracking animals or finding new sites will actually gain you experience and money to buy better weapons, or an ATV to make travel much easier and trust me. You want the ATV, it is a long walk to across the map on foot. Animals won’t stick around so you will want to park it when you want to hunt. I saw someone in the PC version crash the ATV and have to walk and even crash it into a bear, but I don’t know if the PS4 version allows for it.

At the end of the day tho if you like hunting or even just relaxing in a massive open world by all means give this game a shot, but if you like more action this game is not for you. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Zombi (PS4)

First a story with this game, I bought it awhile back because it looked interesting. Like 2 weeks later it became the free game for the month. This pissed me off even more than I already was with the game.

The game has sub par visuals, the controls are a bit stiff but passable. Neither of these issues are that big of a deal but are worth mentioning tho for most people they won’t even be an issue.

The concept itself is pretty interesting. Trapped in London during the zombie apocalypse (I’m really getting sick of typing that this month) you will explore various historical locations and other places to find supplies and weapons to move the story along and escape.

Another really cool part is what can only be described as semi permanent death. If your character dies that character is simply gone. You however won’t start the game over. Any items you have stored will still be stored and any progress you made will still be there. You simply get a new character. Your old stuff is actually still with your old character whom is now a zombie at your old location that you can kill and get your stuff back. If running from zombies wasn’t bad enough and nerve wracking having to basically beat yourself to death is pretty sadistic to say the least.

In the end I personally did not enjoy this game and would not recommend it. Others I know thought it was ok, but at the very least you should find it on sale for as cheap as possible. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

7 Days to Die Revisted

I reviewed this game a few months ago when Savior Gaming first started, since than I have logged a few more hours in, the game has had a few updates and I really felt it was worth coming back to this one. Not because I said the game was bad, the game was always pretty decent despite a few graphical and frame rate issues.

The graphical issues are largely unchanged. Even on a PS4 pro and a 4K television the game doesn’t look that great compared to most games. While some work has been done you will never mistake this for a triple A title.

The frame rate issues have mostly been taken care of, and for couch co-op the game no longer randomly freezes when 2 people attempt to enter menus and aside from some lag when player 2 enters the game you won’t have to many issues if any.

The online experience is fun and I never seem to have an issue finding a game to join in with or run into people just being a pain in the ass to new players so it still seems to be pretty active.

The game experience itself is still mostly unchanged. Enter enter the games already rendered world or a randomly generated one, do the short tutorial. Try to survive while building a base that will withstand the zombie horde that will attack every 7 days and gets a bit harder each time. The game is not for everyone but for those into that sort of thing it provides hundreds of hours of fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Evil Within 2 Review

There is a fun, or maybe odd story about how I played the first Evil Within. It went something like this “hey savior try Evil Within” I said it looked kinda weird he told me to shut up stuffed it in my backpack and sent me home and next thing I know I was hooked.

So when part 2 was revealed we were both pretty excited. And I must say I was not at all disappointed. So without further ado, My Evil Within 2 review.

First lets get the obvious part out of the way. Visually the game looks amazing. No, obviously it is not the best looking game out there and I doubt anyone expected it to be. The game is creepy much of the time tho for what is not there. The insane gore level from the first game has been toned down in much of the early chapters. When it randomly comes back however it comes back hard and it means that much more.

The atmosphere shifts between Union, a town created by Mobius, and what can only be described as the background behind the scenes sort of like the halls for staff at malls and maintenance. This as as sort of a HUB for travel which will make much more sense when you play the game which I promise works well.

The game play reminds me of a small open world horror game, it was very rare I felt confined in my hunt for the core that shall remain nameless in my attempt to avoid spoilers. It is also why I won’t put a name to the sick bastard photographer you are hunting.

There are a number of improvements I enjoyed greatly. For example your office that acts as a central headquarters. Instead of a large area with multiple rooms with a chair for upgrades and another room for lockers and a central area where the nurse stands you have an office with a hallway and couple rooms. The chair,lockers and nurse are in one spot and it really streamlined the whole process.

The gameplay itself has been slowed down a bit. I found myself mostly sneaking through town stabbing creatures in the back of the head. I can’t lie, this was a lot of fun. Now, you can just run around killing stuff but that will also risk getting you killed, but it can be done

All in all, this game to me is a must buy and is absolutely in the running for game of the year as far as I am concerned. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Zombie Army Trilogy


Like shooting games? Wanna shoot zombies? Hate Nazis? Have I got a game for you. Zombie Army Trilogy is a game where Hitler has a secret plan. When World War 2 went south for the Nazi side of things Hitler turned to the occult, and the results were Hitler and his army being turned into an army of the undead. The controls can be a little stiff at times but they are perfectly usable and while the sound and graphics aren’t what I would call top notch I won’t complain about them either. The game is both challenging and fun. It also offers both a  story mode and horde mode both available in single player and online multiplayer. Casual gamers may not like it, but zombie shooter fans will enjoy it. Now get out there and shoot some Nazi zombies, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.