Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic

star wars

This game takes me back. Its probably the first Bioware game I ever played,and was also the first time i really played  game that had any sort of karma or good and evil system. I vowed to myself i’d be the Jedi in game I would want to be in real life. So about an hour later i quickly realize i veered off somewhere and quickly becoming an evil prick, using my light saber to mow down everything in my path. So I try to get back on the right path while i’m traveling the galaxy trying to save the place from  Darth Malak that somehow has an army of sith troopers and ships. As I’m doing my thing and building better weapons and learning about the amazing worlds and characters I once again notice i’m rocking a red duel saber force choking the life out of people many times for no damn reason at all. Turns out that in this time frame, 4000 years before the original trilogy, I am definitely a sith and nothing I could do would change that. See part of the fun of this game, beyond the one of a kind story and the great worlds and characters, is you can pretty be whatever you want, and that’s why I will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for joining me on my nostalgia trip, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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