I love this damn movie but man does it make me feel old. I was in the first grade when it came out and for the following series of grade school Halloweens it was common to see at least 2 dozen Ghost-faces running through the playground. People would prank call there friends and the VHS was sold everywhere I could remember…ah nostalgia…

Sidney Prescott was a normal teenage girl with a normal life until the gruesome death of her mother rocked their small town. Almost exactly a year later, two teens get slayed from Sid’s school. The police try to hunt the killer but he always seems one step ahead. It seems the killer is acting out a real life horror movie but the question is who is the killer: the story hungry reporter Gale Weathers, her patient boyfriend Billy, or one of her close friends?..

Let’s faceĀ  it, Scream is iconic. Ghost-face, while not superhuman, is a legend of his own. The plot is a good mix of slasher movie, dark comedy, and soap opera rolled into one. The movie is well acted and the score is solid. If you are a horror fan on the rise or just missed it, it’s definitely worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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