Infinity Wars Scores 2nd Highest Opening Day All Time


Everyone knew Infinity was was going to be huge, the real question was going to be how huge, the answer was 2nd highest grossing of all time with an opening day (domestic) of $106 million, only being topped by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For more details you can click Here. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Daniel Craig Confirms, Bond 25 is Next.

bond 25

As of now very little is known about it, tho you can find some of the details here at However what is known is that Daniel Craig has confirmed his next movie will be the Bond 25. For bond fans this may be a bit bitter-sweet since the last one was a bit underwhelming,but hopefully for Daniel Craig this will be the one that turns it around. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Avengers 4 Title Would Spoil Avengers 3?


With Infinity War fast approaching many fans are wondering why Avengers 4 hasn’t been named yet even tho the movie is officially being made. Well part of the reason for that is apparently knowing the title would actually spoil Infinity war. More to the point, according to digitalspy when one fan make a joke that not knowing scared him, he was told it should. Pretty ominous really. Either way I think it is safe to say by the end of Infinity war and Avengers 4 we will be losing some of our beloved heroes. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Shining

the shining bk

Heeeere’s Torsten with another long overdue book/movie review. Savior once covered the movie, link here to see his thoughts: The Shining

Either way you go, the Shining is the story of the Torrance family spending a winter care-taking for the Overlook Hotel. Father, Jack, is a disgraced English Professor and struggling novelist and ex alcoholic. Mom, Wendy, silently resents Jack because he’s a F-up and last time he got drunk accidentally broke there psychic son, Danny’s, arm. While Danny sees things inside the hotel, Jack discovers the dark secrets of the Overlook’s past, things go shit up when they are trapped inside the Hotel and madness ensues, turning Jack against his family…

While the premise is the same, the executions are really damn different. Remember those creepy ass images from the movie: creepy twins, elevator full of blood, and whatever the hell was going on between the bear suit guy and that guy in the tux? Well there’s none of that in the book. In the book we got hedge animals that come alive and a hornets nest… Ok, so sorry no really creepy visuals in the book. What sells the book is the atmosphere and the build up to Jack losing it. The characters in the book are very deep but I can’t say I ever really found the book scary but a family drama with a dark ending. I like the movie better for a few reasons. Whereas I found the Overlook’s history ok in the book, I love the imagery Kubrick created from the same backstory (though the bloody elevator was all him.) I felt the family in the book was actually a loving family that would have been Ok if this didn’t happen, but the family in the movie seemed off, like a family pretending they weren’t about to explode. In the book, it’s plain that it’s a freaking ghost story but it was more intriguing that we didn’t know for sure what the hell was going on. Last was how the movie had a darker ending which I felt more fulfilling.

In the end I thought the book was Ok but the movie is legendary. Stephen King again proved he’s a master storyteller. May the gaming gods bring you glory and happy Easter from us to you.

Star Wars Episode 9: Princess Leia?

download (3)

When it comes to star wars there is a huge elephant in the room that nobody enjoys taking about. It’s a sad topic, it’s a morbid topic and honestly all Star Wars fans from the most casual to the older die-hard fans don’t like to think about it. What about our beloved Princess? The death of Carrie Fisher left a huge hole in both the movie franchise and our hearts and childhoods. It’s common knowledge that these movies were meant to be a send off of sorts for Han, Luke and Leia but with the unexpected passing it clearly messed up the plan. The most logical step would be to kill the character in a book or comic off-screen and tell the story in the traditional scroll.  CGI is also an option of sorts, but that has already been dismissed completely. Recasting is a far less appealing option and would surely upset the fan base. Or would it?

There is currently a petition online for a woman who played a version of Carrie Fisher in Post Cards From the Edge, and long time friend of Fishers to step in and play her so the Princess Leia character can still have her moment to shine. For those that don’t know who I am referring to, none other than Meryl Streep herself. You can read more about that and part of the petition at

Personally while I would understand the decision to recast and I can’t say I would be against Meryl Streep stepping in for her friends character to get her time I fall into the side that says to let the Princess die off-screen. For me there could be no other than The late Carrie Fisher, it just would not seem right. I would watch the movie regardless, but it just would seem odd to someone else playing the role. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall

pink floyd the wall

Once upon a time I knew a guy named Nick who had something of a break down and three musicians helped got him through it: Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd. Namely this movie, based on the legendary album of the same name; it can said the movie can be called a really long music video for the whole album and that’s not totally wrong. It is. But I found it beautiful, scary, and uplifting all at once. It follows the life of a guy called Pink: how his dad died in war, how he almost died as a kid, had mom issues, loved a girl and got his heartbroken, had a drug induced meltdown where he imagined himself as a fantastical Nazi and would get shit on by a techni-color literal ass judge…Ok, let’s be honest, there was likely some drug use behind the making of this but it doesn’t subtract the power the fusion of music and imagery, both animated and live action has. Again, like Fantasia, this won’t be for everyone; it can be said The Wall is a R- rated Fantasia in many ways. If you love Floyd or need something strange or just want to watch a weird ass movie, absolutely deserves a watch. Speaking of Strange, here’s a video of Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, singing the famous Comfortably Numb with David Gilmour of Floyd and it is epic as hell. May the gaming gods bring you glory and may you never be just bricks in the wall.

AMC Theater Avengers: Infinity War Marathon


So True Believers, what’s the ultimate way to celebrate the epic event which is Avengers 3? How about a 12 film marathon leading up the climax. When Savior told me about this, I was willing to tell my job to suck my $%^& and run to celebrate a decade of the MCU. Well, as the title of this post indicates, this marathon is at AMC theaters, which before writing this bummed us out mainly because the closest AMC is about an hour away. But Alas, upon further research this marathon will only be taking place in two specific theaters: AMC Empire 25 in New York and AMC Disney Springs 24 in Florida. If you are a Marvel fan in the immediate area, this event seems like the perfect way to celebrate. More info, including the film listing and dates, can be found at AMC’s official website and tickets are still available. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

DCEU’s Flashpoint Movie to film in Canada


According to screen rant the DC Flashpoint movie will be moving its filming it Vancouver. The film so far has had numerous director changes but thankfully has locked up the people needed to do its thing and get started. My personal opinion tho, hopefully this turns out better than most of the other DC movies. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Black Panther Joins the Billion Dollar Club

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This week Black Panther became The 33rd film and 16th Disney to join an elite club of movies to make a billion dollars in world wide sales (not adjusted for inflation) according to

It also did this on only its 26th day in release and is on track to pass even the Avengers movie in money made. Not bad for a movie many people thought wouldn’t be able to keep its staying power. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.