Hellraiser: Judgement trailer

hellraiser judgement

At Saviorgaming we have love for the Cenobites but sadly over the years, the film industry hasn’t had so much respect for the explorer of pain and pleasure. Hellraiser hasn’t the best luck with sequels, to put it lightly. Thankfully, the trailer for the latest installment looks to be the most promising I’ve seen in decades. Just from the cinematography alone, I can see a huge improvement. Also, some old classics return which made me giddy as hell. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Best wishes, feel free to check out our reviews of Hellraiser Movie review and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 review as well as my review of The Hellbound Heart but most importantly, may the gaming gods bring you glory, because we have such sights to show you…

Slenderman preview


Ok, I’m going to say something that may blow many a mind away, especially if you are a modern horror fan. Ready? I don’t get the fear around the Slenderman. A lot of the fan art is cool and the infamous court case surrounding that murder was indeed terrifying but I never really saw the appeal. That being said, I can’t ignore he has become a pop culture icon and now he’s got a movie. Ugh. After seeing the trailer I groaned. It reminded me of a typical horror trailer with pretty standard horror themes. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt but see for yourself. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes.

Fifty Shades Freed trailer

50 freed

There is a 16 year old kid I work with who is about to turn 17 very soon and he once said to me “Torsten, I want you to review the 50 Shades Trilogy. You. Not Savior. Just You, books movies, the full deal.”

Well kid, here’s a early birthday present. Now, I’m setting the record straight and say no, I’m not a 50 Shades fan. At all. In fact, the book gave me a good laugh or two but that’s about it. And from the overwhelming amount of negative critical reviews, I can say many get a cheap laugh from the movies too. Still, show must go on, so we get the final chapter. I guess they get married and have kinky sex, the end? If any would like to torture me with a request to review the trilogy, please leave a comment. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Strangers 2, trailer 1

strangers 2

One of my favorite horror films of all time, and one of the most underrated of last decade was The Strangers. Emphasis on the last decade part. Strangers came out in 2008, and a decade later we get a sequel, or rather a prequel? What the hell is with this decade in horror where sequels are prequels but still named 2? Anyway, there is a family, a mobile home, and those creepy, simple bastards in masks that just freak the hell out of me. Immediately I have to say this is a much brighter, colorful movie than the first.

So far, I’m conflicted by the trailer as well as by the movie itself. I think Strangers should have been left alone personally but as far as sequels goes, this doesn’t look bad. There is enough to feel like the first but there is a different flavor too. My biggest fear is that the sequel will try pushing it into slasher territory instead of keeping psychological horror. We don’t have long to wait, so I am curious. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Some things I’m pumped for in 2018


So we all have that one form of beloved entertainment we have, whether it’s book, movie, game, music, or madness fueled clog dancing while singing Shirley Temple tunes (don’t judge me man). So I wanted to share some of what I’m pumped for in 2018. In no particular order, let’s begin with…

aquaman 1. Aquaman- if you caught our reviews on Justice League (2017) , you’ll know our favorite part was Aquaman. On top of that, I love Black Manta and I can’t wait to see these two badasses duke it out on the big screen.

we happy few 2.We happy few- ever since I first saw the trailer for this trippy, unsettling game that looks like a much more survival oriented Bioshock, I was hooked. Like maddeningly so.

halloween 2018 3. Halloween 2018- I miss Michael Myers and I was thrilled Jamie Lee Curtis is returning but even more exited original Michael Myers Nick Castle is reprising his role. Is it weird this film redcons every other Halloween film but the original, yeah, but I’m willing to see what’s to come.

code vein 4. Code Vein- a game styled like Dark Souls with a beautiful anime art style and vampires. Just hell yeah.

black panther 5. Black Panther- Granted, I’m pretty hyped for all of the Marvel movies of the year but I have a soft spot for Panther. He was one of my favorite parts of Civil War and best of all, the movie comes out right next to my Birthday so even better.

These were just a few quick things but I’m sure more will come up through the year. May the gaming gods bring you glory and best wishes all around.

Ready Player One trailer

ready player one

I’m sorry it took me a while to talk about what we’ve seen for Spielberg’s highly anticipated Sci fi epic based of the highly acclaimed book. I can’t say I have any experience with it, never having read the book. From the trailer I gather it’s about a young man in a broken down world where virtual reality is the only real escape, The Oasis. The creator of which is dying and fortune and control of the Oasis lies in the one who can find the Easter Egg inside of the Oasis.

My first impression is this going to be a beautiful looking movie. The special effects look like the greatest of video game cut scenes and the sets look impressive. I’m really intrigued by the world itself and I think it’s going to be a huge lure for many. I can’t get a feel for the characters yet but the opening monologue was solid. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and I’m sure Savior and I will go see it in theaters when the time comes. Until then were just some thoughts and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Jumanji Preview (2017)

download (7)

Now I won’t lie, when I first saw this was being remade I thought this was going to be dumb as hell. Hell some of you reading this I am sure know me personally are going to read this and say hey didn’t he say this was a dumb idea?  Yes. I said this was a dumb idea. I still think its a dumb idea.

However having seen the trailer with The Rock and Kevin Hart in action the movie will at least be fun. Here check it out.

Now the idea of people stuck in a game is pretty played out, and the original Jumanji was a work of greatness I thought as a kid and I hope this one is equally as good, I have my doubts but I do have to admit, it looks fun.

Thanksgiving Grindhouse trailer

thanksgiving day tralier

Happy Turkey Day one and all! So this is a weird ass thing, even for Saviorgaming, but I’m going to talk about a trailer for a movie that even real, but hot damn brought me so much enjoyment.

Some explanation is due first. So we had two amazing directors, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, come together in 2007 to bring us a double feature showing off there love for the old Grindhouse films. I had the privilege of seeing the whole thing in theaters and it was GLORIOUS! Well between films, we were treated to mock trailers directed by actual directors inspired by the sub-genre like Rodriguez, Rob Zombie, and in this particular case, Eli Roth (Cabin Fever and Hostel 1 and 2). Some like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun did become actual movies in time.

So Thanksgiving is meant to be a slasher film in the spirit of Halloween or Black Christmas, and holy shit I wish this was a really movie. The film is grainy and raw like an old school 70’s horror movie. There is a creepy ass narrator. And I shit you not, the killer dresses up in a pilgrim suit and beheads  a turkey mascot with hedge clippers during the damn town parade. the final tag line is “This Thanksgiving everyone’s coming to dinner…in a bodybag!” I love this trailer as much as I love the Grindhouse. The trailer made me laugh and was just gross and insane and awesome, so I implore all you horror fans to check it out on Youtube if you never seen it. Best wishes, and I will return later to cover Mockingjay.

Rampage trailer

rampage movie

I’ve been hit by some pretty strange WTF movies in my day. Dragonball: Evolution, Alien and Halloween: Resurrection, Jason X, Slither, and Repo: the Genetic Opera to name a few. So why the hell am I surprised a video game I played and loved as a kid is getting a movie staring none other the Rock, Dwanye Johnson. Hell, I was actually pissed about it but for you guys I watched the trailer and I’m glad I did. George, Ralph, and Lizzie look pretty damn sweet and the Rock seems solid enough. I recommend checking it out if you ever played the games, giant monsters and a fun actor, it looks to be a good time so far.

Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” trailer


Arguably the two most anticipated films of next year are going to Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, both I’m super pumped for. The first Deadpool was honestly one of the honest to god, truest comic book character portrayals I’ve seen. Well, if the other two teasers for the sequel didn’t prove it, this sure as shit will. Any Deadpool fan knows his love of parodies and whacky antics fused into his badassness; today I can say Deadpool taught me how to paint. Laced through his hilarious parodies of one of Bob Ross’s painting lessons, we got to see glimpses of what’s to come and HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS EPIC! Smartly, they don’t fully reveal Cable or the villain which I applaud them for. I really can’t tell you how pumped I am to get a full trailer but I do commend the trailers we got, now if you excuse me, I got chimichangas brewing :p