An interesting read about Dracula

Before the Mummy, Wolfman and Frankenstein Monster, there was one character that launched the Universal Monster series into full gear- Count Dracula. Although it wasn’t the first film to feature a vampire, “Dracula” cemented vampire culture deep into cinematic history; making it the best film to represent Thirsty Thursday’s. […]

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Nightmare on Elm Street


Nightmare on Elm Street is possibly one of the most iconic horror films of all time, or at least of the 80’s. Released in November of 1984 audiences quickly discovered a new face of fear that would last for decades to come in the form of Freddie Krueger played by Robert Englund.

The first movie has our heroine Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) attempt to solve the mystery of her friend that was murdered in her sleep. Whileher police chief father (John Saxon) and the rest of the force believe local  hooligan Rod Lane (Jsu Garcia) is responsible Nancy is starting to think the nightmare her group of friends is having has some connection, The boy across the street Glen Lantz (Johnny Depp) attempts to help despite not believing in Nancy and her crazy theory.

As deaths pile up the story takes a wile turn as Nancy discovers her mother not only knew of Freddie, but he was a child murderer that she and the local parents set on fire and killed years prior. Freddie however lived on, haunting the dreams of the Elm street children seeking his revenge on the children of Elm street. And every town has an Elm street. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

October is Coming…


October is coming. In fact its a few hours away. For most people that mean very little. For me and Torsten, well we have what may seem to many a an odd tradition. You see many years ago we both worked at a place we both hated. ok well he still work there, anyway we decided one Halloween since we were both off we would go to his place order pizza and watch horror movies all day. That tradition a lasted our entire friendship. Now because of work and such some times it has fallen onto days around Halloween. Now what that means for all of you is simple. While we cover mostly games and horror movies anyways, but October will be full of horror movies from Nightmare on Elm Street to Stephen King and more.  For those reading it if you want to drop some request feel free and we will do our best to track them down and review those as well. As always may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Space Harrier 2 Sega Forever


The latest entry into the Sega Forever catalog is one of many of these flying shooter games. I would however love to have been in the room for this pitch. “Hey lets make a space shooter.It will be called Space harrier” – Guy 1  ” Ok cool so a space jet?”-Guy 2 “Nah, dude with a red jump suit carrying a cannon”-Guy  “Hell yea make this happen”-Guy 2″ Seriously was there alcohol involved with this decision?  All that aside the game controls nicely and the sound is better than I remember. While this isn’t exactly the type of game I enjoy it was a nice nostalgia trip and fans of the genre and series won’t be disappointed. So go support Sega Forever and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

DEATH WISH – Trailer

This guy does some great and interesting work. Check him out.

Paperback Cinema

On November 22nd, the latest adaptation of the novel Death Wish by Brian Garfield will be released. This time starring Bruce Willis and directed by Eli Roth. The original couple of films with Charles Bronson were some of the grittiest and violent movies that I had ever seen, but they were also a serious character study of a man driven too far. I’m interested to see what this team brings to modernizing this film.

Here is the trailer for the original film from 1974.

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How to get a special Pikachu

With the 20th Pokémon film, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, making a limited theatrical run, we’re celebrating by giving Trainers the opportunity to receive one of six exclusive Pikachu in their copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon. These Pikachu are unique as they are wearing one of Ash’s hats—each one reflecting the hat […]

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Evil within 2 For The Switch?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners haven’t got long to wait until the horror fest The Evil Within 2 launches on the platforms. The game’s producer Shinji Mikami has told GameSpot that he would be very interested in developing a Nintendo Switch version if he had the chance. That’s not to say it’s happening, but […]

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