Pokemon Pinball

pokemon pinball

If you had a GameBoy Color in the early 2000’s, this game was a necessity. As the title suggests, it’s Pokemon themed Pinball in the palm of your hand. You had a red stage and blue stage with all 150 original Pokemon to capture and evolve. After every three Pokemon captured or one capture and a evolution, you got to play a fun mini game whether it was battling MewTwo or bashing Meowth for coins. Though simple, it was easy to get lost and addicted trying to beat that ludicrously high score your friend set as the rumble numbed your hands after hours. There isn’t much to say, the game was simple and fun as games should be and deserves a go. May the gaming gods bring you glory as you go catch them all.


Ghost in the Shell: Ghost Pain (2013)


So I was looking for something to watch and came across something called Ghost Pain. I am not really an Anime guy, @torstenvblog normally takes care of that. However this looked interesting so I figured I would check it out.

A couple things to note, I had no idea this was Ghost in the Shell until after I had watched it. Another, I had never seen Ghost in the Shell until I saw this. I am essentially watching this as a guy that has no idea what the hell is going on. Also this movie has a bunch of different names as you can tell from the picture so pick your poison on that one.

Essentially our main heroine here is investigating a murder after a bomb goes off and kills a major arms dealer. She also has an issue with her memory which turns out to be some sort of a memory hack causing false memories. There is honestly a lot going on and explaining it all would ruin much of it. It is a fun watch but I honestly can’t say its for me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Tragedy Girls

tragedy girls

If you caught Savior’s review of Night of the Living Dead Resurrection (2012) than you may come to see how sometimes we see some undesirable films for the sake of entertaining you fine folks. That was his turn and well, sad to say Emoji Movie (2017) wasn’t the raging dumpster fire I’d been hoping for, I spun the wheel and this came up. For the record, I usually enjoy smaller, low budget horror-comedy projects. Hell, I saw a bit of potential in this flick.

We join two high school BFFs, Sadie and Mckayla, who are millennial cheerleaders, vloggers, and aspiring serial killers. They have dreams of raising hell and leaving a legacy of infamy in there wake. So they kidnap the town psychopath after he fails to kill Sadie one night because they need a mentor after all. He politely tells them to fuck off so they hold him hostage. Since they can’t learn from him, they decide to go wild in his name, getting famous on the internet in the meantime as gossip vloggers during the fear and panic. But life seems to be dividing the young murderers as Sadie falls for the sheriff’s son who happens to be the girl’s editor and Mckayla doesn’t take this well and suddenly she finds a new friend…

In no way is this the worst movie I’ve seen but damn is it disappointing. Though there are a couple of decently funny moments and a couple alright kills, the amount of stupidity made me groan more than laugh. These girls are no Michael or Jason. Sadie’s boy toy hilariously sticks out like a sore thumb because he’s supposed to be 17 or 18 but instead looks to be pushing his mid thirties. This movie is very millennial which annoyed the shit out of me- phones, twitter, people saying things like “hashtag”, “why so jelly”, and talking in text speak and crappy auto-tuned music horribly dates this movie and reminds me I’m old. Besides that, my biggest issue was I couldn’t get behind any of the characters because they were such cardboard stereotypes or were just stupid. I didn’t like this movie myself but I see points where some may like it. May the gaming gods bring you glory because this is for you all that stuck around and best wishes to you all.

Dead Poets Society (1989)


I have been told a million times in my life, Savior, watch Dead Poets Society.  Always meant to, never got around to it. Finally as I am flipping around Netlflix there it is. So I pop that bad boy on and away I go. At first I was a bit bored and couldn’t really get into the whole all boys boarding school thing. Enter Robin Williams character. At this point the whole movie turns around.

This isn’t the role I am used to seeing him in, but it was wonderful. At this point the students really start coming out of their shells. The students go from little rich brats you want to punch to actual characters thinking for themselves. They are learning poetry, discussing ideas defying their parents and the school itself. It is simply a movie you must experience to truly appreciate. I had always heard it was great, but I never understood why until I saw it.

Of course the entire movie isn’t happy and sunshine. There is love with a local high school girl, and I am pretty sure this was the start of Kurtwood Smith being Red Forman. The characters of Red and Mr. Perry are quite similar but Mr. Perry faces a personal tragedy that will show the true range of skill Kurtwood Smith has as an actor. This is also one of the roles that gave  Robert Sean Leonard of house his start.

This movie is still mentioned in many circled as one of those cult classic all time greats, but never seems to pop up as one of the best for any of the actors I’ve mentioned, and I think that is simply a travesty. If you have access to Netflix and haven’t seen this, now is the time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Rick and Morty, season 2

rick and morty 2

Picking up where season 1 left off, with planet earth frozen in time except for Rick, Morty, and Summer who have to clean there house after a crazy ass alien party got out of hand and discover there uncertainty can shatter the fabric of reality. Yep, this series not only continues to be funny, heart felt, gross, and cleverly thought provoking but finds a way to up the anti. Some of the adventures we get in season 2 are an encounter with Rick’s all encompassing ex alien girlfriend, Beth and Gerry getting caught in a struggle for survival at a couple’s therapy session of genetic monsters created from there angry spiteful feelings for each other, and Rick and Morty taking part in another world’s Purge…in robot suits! If you enjoyed the first, you’ll love the second; I can’t wait for the third season to hit Hulu. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Spyro The Dragon Remastered


As a young Savior I enjoyed dragons. Posters, little figures, stuffed animales. Had a bunch of them. Then I played the first Spyro the game. The 2nd and third were solid enough but the first always has a special place in my heart. So hearing about a remaster to come to PS4 later this year according to gamespot and others really brightened my weekend. Supposedly it will include the original trilogy we will see what it brings as a lot of details aren’t available. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Rick and Morty, season 1

rick and morty 1

This Adult Swim show has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon and I give it credit, this show is one of those rare times the show deserves a lot of the praise. Rick Sanchez is a crude genius, a mad scientist, and a raging depressed alcoholic living with his estranged daughter, horse vet Beth and her lame ass husband Gerry with there two kids Summer and Morty. Poor whiny, simple Morty keeps getting dragged into these strange adventures involving monsters, aliens, and freaky science. And these are crazy ass adventures whether there’s a love potion that turns people into fleshy abominations, incepting the school principle and encountering a deformed guy in a green Xmas sweater with swords for fingers and a affinity for the word “bitch”, and a monotone bird person (literally that’s the guy’s name, bird person). Besides a crap ton of crass dark humor and cool trippy designs, their are a lot of deep questions to be asked and I have to admit, I found myself really thinking hours after watching the episodes. There is a lot of cleaver messages and surprisingly deep characters. I binged the first season overnight and couldn’t get enough. It’s a quick watch but well worth it and may the gaming gods bring you glory.