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There are some movies that both help define a genre and inspire people, leaving impressions on us almost two decades later. After Spider-man (N64) I was in love with the wall-crawler and his rogues gallery and what do you know, we got one of the best superhero movies of our time.

We meet Peter Parker, that good hearted geek just living with his loving Aunt May and Uncle Ben next door to lovely Mary Jane Watson, who his best rich best friend Harry Osborn starts dating. Peter’s high intellect and work drive strikes the attention of Harry’s father, Norman, who admires Peter over his own kid. One day, during thhe fateful field trip Peter gets bitten by the genetically modified radioactive spider and his life is changed forever, but not just his; Norman, a scientist about to lose his company, in desperation tests a new formula on himself with malevolent results. Peter develops powers of a spider and suddenly things are looking up, but in a moment of selfishness, Uncle Ben is killed and Peter learns the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility. Using his powers to become Spider-man, Peter goes out to help the people of New York and stop a maniacal menace called the Green Goblin…

Ok, so most people know the story; I’d say Spider-man has arguably the well known origin story next to only Superman and Batman. That being said, it’s a damn good retelling of his origin. Tobey Maguire will always have a soft spot in my heart as Spidey and Willem Dafoe is awesome as Osborn and Goblin. The acting and effects are solid with an unforgettable score. In the end, it’s a classic in the genre and is absolutely worth a watch.



The Covenant (2017)

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This movie is a kind of  anomaly. The movie isn’t bad or good. It isn’t original in any regard nor is it exactly truly a rip off. It is just very run of the mill and cliché. It starts off with a sister and brother moving home to their deceased moms house about a year after a personal tragedy. Stuff starts getting weird eventually leading to the house getting more and more haunted. People think the sister is a bit weird, brother doesn’t believe here.

Later you find out the sister is possessed and has a dark past, some priest gets involved and we end up getting an exorcist type exorcism scene towards the end. Towards the beginning we even get the standard bathroom topless scene and the standard sex scene later.

None of the movie is truly badly done mind you, the acting is fine, the script is fine and there is nothing wrong with the effects or story even. It is just very basic, you have seen all of this before. I won’t say don’t watch the movie, it is actually enjoyable, but don’t expect anything new here. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

South Park: the stick of truth ( Second opinion)

south park stick

We’re big South Park fans here at Saviorgaming, and Savior already gave his opinion on South Park, The Stick Of Truth and we both gave it’s sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole a review each. I didn’t get to play the classic last console generation and with the digital copy I got to.

A quick synopsis of the story is the kids of South Park are playing fantasy with rangers, elves, mages, etc and we play the mute, new kid who has an astounding ability- he’s able to get a shit ton of Facebook friends…and he can fart like no one’s business. But the new Taco Bell in South Park has brought on a new threat that turns it’s citizens into Nazi zombies! Can the new kid unite the kids to take on this menace?

On a whole, I feel Fractured may have had a better story, but Stick has superior gameplay. The gameplay is solid turn based combat which takes time to master, but is rewarding as hell once mastered. The game also has great boss fights that are both challenging and epic. I was disappointed by the ending, but was still solid. In the end, like its sequel, it is an amazing game I recommend picking up if you need a great laugh and want a good game. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Jurassic World Evolution Update

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As we get closer to the release of Jurassic World evolution on June 12th 2018, we are getting more and more info such as more dinosaurs and even some hints at the story. For example things will play out differently depending on which side you work more closely such as security for example. They all have their own preference on how they think you should do things, security for example wants you to do things to up the safety of the park, but do they have an ulterior motive? Of course Ian Malcolm is his usual self and doesn’t like or trust any of this, but he doesn’t really want to leave the dinosaurs themselves since he both loves and fears them. And yes he is voiced by Jeff Goldblum himself. If you are curious about how the game looks ( beautiful by the way) you can see the first 20 minutes and a more detailed explanation below from IGN.

Honestly this is one of the games I have been most looking forward too, and the more I see the more I can’t wait to play it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Tag Trailer


I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this considering all the star power this movie looks to have, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet. The premise made me do a double take at first, but after a seeing a trailer like The Happytime Murders trailer 1 I can’t really say anything is going to shock me today. The trailer looks genuinely funny and I do like the actors involved so I’d be curious where it goes, but what do you think?

Thanos Not the Villain?


Ok before we go any further I have to be really up front. There will be spoilers for Infinity Wars in this posting. Like massive spoilers, if you have not seen the movie this post is not for you. I can not stress this enough, I will be spoiling various major parts of the movie including major plot points and the ending to the movie. Do not read this unless you have seen the movie. Last chance to back up and come back later.

Ok I assume if you are still reading you have read the title and thought this dude is nuts, and have seen the movie. Let me preface this by saying I am not condoning the actions of Thanos, but maybe he isn’t as evil as we think. I actually heard someone say he was basically space Hitler, but Hitler was just an evil dick that thought an entire race of people were inferior. Thanos however, well we will get to that. Lets take this one step at a time

First let’s get his motive out-of-the-way first. There is no way around this, he wants to get rid of half the universes population. That is his actual reason for wanting the stones. Now knowing that instinctively you are going to want to say well case closed. Homeboy is evil as evil gets. Keep that initial thought on the back burner tho and lets move on.

Thanos is one of the last remaining of his race after his home world Titan died out from over population, something he predicted would happen, and he actually knew how to solve but nobody would listen. Yes his way of solving it was pretty brutal but it would have saved his planet and the race. His solution was to randomly select half the population to be out to death, regardless of age, wealth or any other status. Because of their refusal to listen however they are all gone.

It is a well-known and undeniable fact that resources on every planet in the galaxy are in fact finite and will eventually run out, regardless of technological advances. Thanos simply wants to rid the universe of half its life to make sure the rest of life can survive.

Think of this on a small-scale. If you have a small farm that can grow enough food to feed 5 people at a time but you have 10 it won’t take long for you to run out of food and everyone will die. However if you kill half of them everyone can live as the farm is capable of supporting everyone. This is what Thanos intends to do. Make sure the farm can feed everyone, tho in this case the farm is the universe.

Now clearly there are some flaws in the plan. For example clearly every planet does not need such treatment. Earth at the time the movie takes place did not need this, tho Titan obviously did. Gamora’s home planet may not have but Thanos hints that it is doing better since than, but clearly knowhere did not need it and neither did Asgard. Also theoretically if the power of the stones could wipe out half the life in the universe as Thanos did at the end of the movie it should be able to create enough resources to sustain life indefinitely as well, after all they did help create the universe.

At the end of the day however, Thanos isn’t truly evil or even a bad guy. He simply disagrees on what the best way to sustain life in the universe actually is. After all there is plenty of evidence that over population is a problem on numerous planets in the Marvel universe is an issue. What do you guys think? Best wishes and ,may the gaming gods bring you glory.

House by the Cemetary

house by the cemetary

I’ve been watching some horror movies as of late, the first in the set was the unofficial third part of Lucio Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy ( City of the Living Dead and The Beyond being the first two parts.) Over a decade ago I watched The Beyond and a couple years later I saw Fulci’s Zombie, both films impacted me a lot so I was glad to see another.

The Freudstein house has had a long a sordid history of gruesome activity and murder. A young family takes the house over, the father working on research to jump start his budding career. His wife and young son are predominately left alone in this murky old house where the mom hears noises and her son keeps meeting a mysterious little girl that tells him to get out of the house, but something is lurking below them and it’s not friendly. Could it be the old Dr never left his home?

This review is rather tough. House by the Cemetery is a very eerie movie with terrific atmosphere, a great score, and some haunting practical gore effects BUT the dubbing is goofy at times, Freudstein looks likes he walked off the set of Goosebumps and there are some unintentionally hilarious things, especially with the damn son. It’s really freaking hard to say which side of the spectrum the movie falls on and in the end, that’s it’s biggest flaw. If you want something different in horror, it is a respectably freaky movie that deserves a watch, though you will laugh a few times you probably shouldn’t. May the gaming gods bring you glory.