The Babysitter (2017)

The new movie from Netflix was not quite what I was expecting. The story is of a kid named Cole and his babysitter that happens to be one of his best friends and object of his 12 year old affections. And why wouldn’t she be? She is smart, attractive and protects him from bullies.

Inevitably as babysitters will do she invites friends over after Cole goes to bed. Curious as to what goes on (his close friend suggest orgy which he of course googles) he sneaks to the top of the stairs and discovers normal shenanigans. Spin the bottle, kissing, stabbing a guy with two knives in the head and collecting the blood… Well normal for a cult. What follows is a tale of gruesome and exaggerated death, love and coming of age and a randomly placed but awesome car wreck. Any fan of horror comedy will enjoy this one but fair warning, the movie is not for everyone. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4

elm street 4

Dream master (1988) always had mixed reviews but I found it rather enjoyable. This movie saw the torch of being able to summon people into dreams passed from Kristen to Alice when Freddie killed the final child of the parents that killed him with Kristen. With Alice the power seems to work slightly different tho, after every death she takes on a trait from the one Freddie killed, for example when her martial arts buff brother died she became much more physically capable. It was a pretty neat idea that some people just didn’t seem to get behind. All in all while not the best in the series it sets up number 5 nicely while still offering a fun story and a nice selection of deaths. As always sweet dreams and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dead Before dawn

dead before dawn

A high school kid gets stuck watching his grandfathers occult shop with a few simple rules, including don’t touch the vase with human skull attached to it. Of course when the woman of his dreams wants a closer look they gotta go messing with it. After it gets broken and they mock the spirit trapped within the vase, starting at 10 P.M. anyone they look in the eyes commits suicide and comes back as a half zombie half demon. And and yes this movie is as silly as it sounds but luckily it comes of pretty fun if you like comedy horror movies. It never truly takes itself serious but it rarely outright makes fun of itself and the acting it well done so the below average script is more than made up for. If you need a cheap laugh this may be for you, have a good night and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sharknado 4

Sharknado 4

Sharknado 4 set a new standard for ridiculous and corny B movie. Any regular reader of the blog know how much I love a good B style movie and this is no exception.  The visuals are solid but corny and blatantly intentionally off. The story involves someone coming back from the dead as a cyborg 5 years after the last movie an now has a damn light saber that comes out of her arm where her severed hand used to be. Also in an even more and bizarrely nonsensical twist the Sharknados are now catching on fire or are full of rocks which the sharks also take aspects of their appearance in, for example the sharks in the sharknado have rocks bulging out of them.

This another great example of a movie series that is meant for a very specific audience and most people will simply sit there asking themselves wtf did I watch. For the rest of us, enjoy, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sharknado 3


It seems like each and every Sharknado movie gets more and more ridiculous.  This one starts out with Fin Shepard saving the President ( this movie is full of cameos. From Bill Engvall to Chris Jericho and many others in between. They even recreate that famous flag raising photo from Iwo Jima.

86f0d1fef907d24b99e343e3623967a3.jpg  I have said this in previous reviews and I will say this again, SyFy has without a doubt mastered the B movie genre. The Sharknado movies are not what anyone would consider a “good” or “well made” movie. But they are fun.

Another fun part if the movie for example is when a sharknado hits the Daytona 500. Cars wrecking everywhere huge explosion and a plane crash into a river. Now i’m not why this was important or why it was done. But after the crash Ian Ziering and Cassie Scerbo exist the water and slow motion. Ian is surprising ripped for his age and Cassie is basically in lingerie and by the gaming gods she has a body that won’t quit.

All that being what it is any fan of the old school B movie will absolutely adore these movies. Many people however will probably hate it. As always may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy


First i’m going to say, I did prefer the book. With that out of the way this movie is harmless…well mostly harmless. The movie starts off by introducing you to what is pretty much the main character Arthur who just never got the hang of Thursdays. His house is about to be bulldozed and he is laying in front of it to prevent this and the construction of a highway system. Around this time his friend Ford rushes up with a shopping cart full of beer and peanuts for what I can only assume was what he wanted to bring off Earth with him. He then bribes the crew to wait awhile before demolishing Arthur’s house. Coincidentally Ford was there to pick up Arthur and catch a ride off Earth before a fleet of construction ships destroy the Earth to build am intergalactic space highway.

This is much of what goes on in the movie. Seemingly weird and random things to create a humorous and interesting narrative. I would definitely suggest checking out the movie or even the book if you like comedy, and even more if you want to see Snape ( Allen Rickman) play a clinically depressed robot. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sharknado review


Ok lets be 100% honest. This isn’t exactly a good movie. Its campy as hell, the dialogue is down right painful at times and they don’t even attempt to take the CGI serious. And I loved this movie because of it. Sharknado wasn’t scary or well written, it was just fun.

This movie reminded me of an old 80’s B movie. Fake blood is used by the truck load when a shark being flung through the air rips off a guys arm. Old people panic when sharks are tossed into swimming pools seemingly at random by tornadoes.  A gas can and some matches tossed into the pool to deal with them somehow ignites the entire damn pool into a fire storm for no other reason than it will look cool. This is definitely a niche market that most people don’t care about but the Syfy channel has mastered, and the gaming gods thank them, and may they bring you glory.

Little Evil

little evil

Little Evil is a horror comedy new to Netflix that admittedly I watched for two reasons, 1. Adam Scott is hilarious. 2. step dads being abused by children is funny. This movie did not disappoint me at all. The movie starts with the step dad being legit buried alive. We then go back a week to see how we got here. The acting is top notch, and has a few cameos I won’t spoil. As the movie moves on it takes an odd but fun turn. For example in retaliation for burying him alive step dad fills the kids floaties with sand and sends him down a water slide because hey, the kid is literally the Antichrist. There is much more to the movie but I really don’t want to spoil such a great experience.

Comedy horror movies are usually pretty bad but this one gets my full recommendation for all comedy or horror fans. It pretty much has everything you would want with the exception of a standard horror movie sex scene but honestly its not even needed. Go give it a shot, an may the gaming gods bring you glory.