5 fun horror sequels


Jason maybe a heartless killer and hockey fan but his movies knew how to have fun a bit. Sometimes there’s just a crappy sequel that makes us laugh and makes us appreciate the scary shit a bit more. Here’s 5 of my picks in no particular order of fun horror sequels good for a laugh.

friday6 1. Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives- The first movie that flipped off continuity and whatever realistic pretenses the series had by having Jason resurrected from the dead. The dark comedy moments are funny as hell and we get a decent end to the Tommy Jarvis arc. It was a hard pick between 6, 8, and 10 but 6 wins in my heart.

alienr1 2. Alien: Resurrection- “Resurrection” may have a curse when it comes to deeply terrifying horror franchises. The fourth Alien movie has a good concept but sooooo many WTF moments tossed in there and some pretty great moments of overacting. It can be a fun WTF movie if in the right mindset.

blair witch 2 3. Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows- I actually will defend this as a decent movie with some good heavy 90’s music in it and some creepy imagery. Sometimes the acting ain’t great in some places and one o two of the scares backfire which can be kinda funny. Me and my oldest friend had plenty of fun either laughing or decoding this sequel.

leprachaun 5 4. Leprechaun: In the Hood- I hope this says it all, and if it doesn’t, allow me- WHY THE FUCK IS THE LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD?…one scene says it all, a bunch of dudes hittin a bong with the Leprechaun. Yep.

halloween 8 5. Halloween: Resurrection- 2 words. All I need. Busta Rhymes. I’ve never laughed more at a horror movie than Busta’s crazy ass using kung fu on Michael Myers and cursing him out. You have to watch it for yourself to gather the absurdity of this movie.

Night Of The Living Deb

night of deb

Every so often I come across a movie I know I shouldn’t watch but I do it anyway. Night of The Living Deb is one of them. The main character is annoying the movie itself isn’t very entertaining nor is it very inventive even by spoof movie standards. It is not necessarily a bad movie as I am sure many will feel differently than me, I can see where there would be a certain charm to it for many. However for me, I can not say I would watch it again. Stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Revenge of the nerds

revenge of the nerds

My all time favorite comedy that every nerd needs to see at least once. Revenge of the nerds follows two best friends, Louis and Gilbert, that go start Adams College. It’s the school of there dreams, but every for every nerd there’s a jock. Enter the Alpha Betas, the big men on campus, the football players who drunkenly burn there own frat house down. Because they are your stereotypical assholes, they commander the freshmen house, casting them all out, including Louis and Gilbert. The refugees are forced to live in the gym until they get adopted by fraternities of there own; one by one people get taken but the lonely handful of nerds. So they have to band together and find a nice place of there own, but those damn Alpha Betas won’t let them be. For every dick act of the A-Bs, the nerds find a hilarious way to retaliate whether it’s stealing there cheerleaders panties, pouring liquid heat in there jock straps, or kicking there asses in the homecoming carnival. For how funny as hell the movie is, there is a good message I’d like to share with you: if you’re a nerd, be proud. I never forgot that. The nerds are all likable and Louis and Gilbert have great chemistry as best friends. The hi jinks are funny and raunchy but never really vulgar like many of today’s comedies so younger folks can get away with watching it. Overall, if  you need a good laugh I seriously recommend it to get in touch with your inner nerd.

Dead Before dawn

dead before dawn

A high school kid gets stuck watching his grandfathers occult shop with a few simple rules, including don’t touch the vase with human skull attached to it. Of course when the woman of his dreams wants a closer look they gotta go messing with it. After it gets broken and they mock the spirit trapped within the vase, starting at 10 P.M. anyone they look in the eyes commits suicide and comes back as a half zombie half demon. And and yes this movie is as silly as it sounds but luckily it comes of pretty fun if you like comedy horror movies. It never truly takes itself serious but it rarely outright makes fun of itself and the acting it well done so the below average script is more than made up for. If you need a cheap laugh this may be for you, have a good night and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Tales from the Borderlands

tales borderlands

The last Borderlands game before we finally get 3 and it’s from TellTale Games, king of point-and- click adventures with stories that keep you hooked. At first I was pretty against the idea of a different kind of Borderlands game but after the first twenty minutes I was hooked. Tales takes place after 2 and we follow our main characters Rhys- a Hyperion stooge with a cybernetic arm and eye looking to make it big along with his friend Vaughn and there stolen Loader Bot, and Fiona- a wanted con woman looking for a big score with her little sister Sasha. These characters all meld together along with others from the series as they venture to battle more bandits, and assemble a robot that will help them find the Vault of the Traveler, unlocking more of the universe then they could possibly imagine. Holy shit was this a fun way to get a platinum trophy. Because of it being Borderlands it’s a story full of the series trademark outrageous humor and sad drama. Towards the end, I freaked out with nerdgasmic glee at how epic it was. A few times the game felt a little slow but I could never call it boring. The characters were memorable while all the cameos were pretty welcome; at the end of the third episode there a freaking awesome 2 on 2 fight leading into the beginning in the Pre-sequel. Overall, Tales from the Borderlands is a great addition to the series and as I said, it’s a fun, easy way to get a platinum trophy. As always, thank you for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel

borderlands ps

What was Borderlands missing? How about Borderlands…IN SPACE! for the third game in the series we are lead into space to recount the downfall of the Vault Hunters and the rise of one of gaming’s greatest recent villains, Handsome Jack. For once we already know our characters we play as: Wilhelm the Enforcer (Jack’s cyborg bodyguard from 2), Athena the Gladiator (General Knox’s Atlas assassin from 1’s DLC), Nischa the Lawbringer ( Jack’s future girlfriend and tyrannical sheriff of Lynchwood in 2) and Claptrap (formerly the ninja-assassin Claptrap of 1’s DLC). Like with 2, there are two extra characters with the DLC. In essence, of the three FPS games, Pre-sequel is the shortest story and game wise. I redboxed it when it first came out, and avoided most of the side quests, I got half way through the game in less than six hours. The strongest pro of the game is the story. Jack is likable but we understand how his good motives turn dark and how the heroes we thought were good are just as guilty for the events of Pandora’s decline as Jack is. I love that by the end no one feels completely good or evil. The newest mechanic is the Zero Gravity and oxygen need. I’m fine with the oxygen completely, and I like the joke they make about Claptrap not needing air. The Zero Gravity both helps and hurts the game. Its a fun new challenge bouncing around the moon shooting at space bandits with your new lasers, but at the same time it becomes harder to find your way around and sometimes this gets really annoying. Probably the biggest flaw I got with this game is the side missions aren’t that great. 2 skillfully made them feel natural and a lot of them were funny as hell so we didn’t mind doing them; Pre-sequel has some like this but there is a lot of them that feel like busy work. Overall I liked the game and recommend it if you played the others but don’t let it be your first impression of the series. As always, thank you for reading and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Borderlands 2

boderlands 2

This really is no place for a hero; I love Shortchange Hero by The Heavy, seriously awesome song. Borderlands 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Set five years after the fall of the Atlas Corporation and the first Vault was open, the sequel begins with 4 new Vault Hunters being commissioned and betrayed by maniacal head of the Hyperion Corporation, Handsome Jack. Our new heroes are Axton the commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, and Zero the assassin. Together they must journey to Sanctuary, where most of the lovable characters we came to know and love from the first game, rejoining the old Vault Hunters and rebelling against Jack before he can reach another vault and unleash the devastating power of the Warrior on Pandora. Borderlands 2 masterfully improves on everything that was great about the first game and expanding on it. The gameplay is just as fun but now every character is amazingly OP ; every character is fun and funny but this is a much darker story. A few scenes hit me square in the heart while others made me nearly piss myself in laughter. I’m happy to say the game has a hell of a lot of replay value- I’m on my sixth play through and not bored yet- and both great solo or with friends. If you never played it, pick it up today. You’ll fall in love with the residents of  Pandora and there badassness. Thank you as always and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



There really is no rest for the wicked when you’re a Vault-Hunter. Borderlands is a fun first shooter, open world RPG revolving around four strangers searching for a legendary alien vault on planet Pandora: Mordecai the hunter, Lilith the Siren, Roland the soldier, and Brick the Beserker. Each character has there own play style and special talents. For example Roland is a expert with a assault rifle and shotgun that can deploy a turret that can upgraded to fire rockets as well as attach an elemental damage onto the gunfire. All four characters are fun but they don’t really have an identity. The game is fun but repetitive and man the final boss sucks. I had a lot of fun gathering loot in the form of guns, shields, grenade mods, and class mods and leveling up. The downside of leveling up is that it drags a bit. Borderlands has some of the best DLC I’ve ever played and in it comes more of the crass humor the series becomes known for. If you ant a heads up to be a epic badass, choose Lilith, who becomes OP as hell real quick (a tip from Torsten V). In the end, Borderlands is fun but kinda meh but with some decent humor and a cool intro cutscene. Cage the Elephant anyone?

Sharknado 4

Sharknado 4

Sharknado 4 set a new standard for ridiculous and corny B movie. Any regular reader of the blog know how much I love a good B style movie and this is no exception.  The visuals are solid but corny and blatantly intentionally off. The story involves someone coming back from the dead as a cyborg 5 years after the last movie an now has a damn light saber that comes out of her arm where her severed hand used to be. Also in an even more and bizarrely nonsensical twist the Sharknados are now catching on fire or are full of rocks which the sharks also take aspects of their appearance in, for example the sharks in the sharknado have rocks bulging out of them.

This another great example of a movie series that is meant for a very specific audience and most people will simply sit there asking themselves wtf did I watch. For the rest of us, enjoy, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sharknado 3


It seems like each and every Sharknado movie gets more and more ridiculous.  This one starts out with Fin Shepard saving the President ( this movie is full of cameos. From Bill Engvall to Chris Jericho and many others in between. They even recreate that famous flag raising photo from Iwo Jima.

86f0d1fef907d24b99e343e3623967a3.jpg  I have said this in previous reviews and I will say this again, SyFy has without a doubt mastered the B movie genre. The Sharknado movies are not what anyone would consider a “good” or “well made” movie. But they are fun.

Another fun part if the movie for example is when a sharknado hits the Daytona 500. Cars wrecking everywhere huge explosion and a plane crash into a river. Now i’m not why this was important or why it was done. But after the crash Ian Ziering and Cassie Scerbo exist the water and slow motion. Ian is surprising ripped for his age and Cassie is basically in lingerie and by the gaming gods she has a body that won’t quit.

All that being what it is any fan of the old school B movie will absolutely adore these movies. Many people however will probably hate it. As always may the gaming gods bring you glory.